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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • So for those of you who know about the 3rd and Taylor house…Sat night it appeared to be undergoing a police raid. There were about 3 squad cars, 4 police vans, and about 10 officers standing out front of the house. The door was wide open and there were a few officers inside. I did not stick around long enough to see much more. Does anyone have any more details on this?

  • I don’t know much more about that, but I did see 1 police car that seemed to just be hanging out on 3rd and Taylor last night (Sunday).

  • Also, for those of you who don’t know or who have not yet had the time…

    We are having our book club meeting tonight at 7:00 pm in the Petworth Library 4200 Kansas Ave. We will be discussing our last book World War Z and then chosing our next book for the month of Dec. Please feel free to come in and join us! I am happy to say that almost every meeting we get a new face or two so be that face.

  • Yesterday at sunset I took my dog to Rock Creek Park. I got her over the summer as a rescue and she’s scared of pretty much everything. There was no one around and I just sat on a log and let her off the leash. It was so cool to see her just go about and explore in the leaves and stand on logs looking around. She didn’t go too far, but it was a huge shift in her personality. Often people have told me that one day you’ll just sense a shift in a rescue dog’s happiness. I think it’s beginning to happen. Anyway, this and the beauty of the sunset through the empty trees really made me happy last night.

  • Anon: Thanks for the revel as opposed to the rant.

  • hey all – anybody looking for a room to rent Dec 1-March 1? my roomie will be out of the country for those dates, the room is furnished, and two of the roomies are avid PoP readers…..

  • Anon 1:26: Great comment. Thanks. And thanks, too, for giving that pup a good, loving home. I hope the shift you mention is, in fact, under way.

  • Anon: Thanks so much for getting a rescue dog! I wish I could get one, but alas, three cats and an allergy to dogs precludes me. But I am glad there are good hearted people like you out there to give them loving homes!

  • The only thing this weekend brought was more violence to the Brightwood community. There were three shootings in about 24 hours, including one broad-daylight shooting on Saturday and two other shootings that the MPD says were both “targeted” (so I guess that’s supposed to make us feel better). All this and not a single word from our Councilmember. With each passing day I become less and less encouraged that she knows what her job entails. The violence in the area is really escalating. There is an increase in the number of robberies at gunpoint, and many of these crimes are happening in early evening and afternoon hours. It has left many of us wondering why the city isn’t doing more!

  • Anon 1:26: my rescue dog was similarly cautious when I got her. Our initial big breakthrough was when I picked up a stick to play fetch, and she just lit up with an expression like: “WOW! YOU know this game TOO!!!??” After that it was just a matter of time, and truth be told she has become very much a relatively wild and happy dog after a couple of years with me. So, enjoy the timid phase while it lasts! Soon they figure out the back gate and tour the garbage cans in the alley and demand attention and all that fun stuff.

    Rave: RESCUE DOGS!!!

  • Rant: Neon Moon is only a good song in very small very specific and very unfortunate circumstances.

    Revel: New batch of brewed beer is ready.

  • Revel: I found a coat I bought last year in the closet this morning and it is warm!

  • Love, love, love the rescue dog stories! Keep ’em coming.

  • I also have a rescue cat who is equally superlative. In fact, he knows more people in my neighborhood than I do and I am considering a Mayoral run for him.

  • Rain sux. I’m Swedish so if i don’t get my sunny weekend, i never see the light of day and get depressed.

  • Rave: My coworker volunteers with Lab Rescue and has 8 foster dogs at any given time. I can’t even imagine. Mainly because I don’t like dogs, but hooray for good people who do.

    Rant: I was looking out my window on Saturday when I heard many gunshots and then saw three men running through the alley with guns. It was an incredibly disturbing experience, and more disturbing that no one has even bothered to ask me for any form of description even though I called it in!

  • my puppy, also a rescue dog, had the double dragon today :/ i took her for a long walk and spent some quality time with her this evening, so hopefully she is placated and feeling better….

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