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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Saw Adam West farewell show. It is the end of an era.

  • There were a total of three shootings over the weekend. One Friday (4th & Marlboro Place), in which there was a fatality, one Saturday (Georgia & Allison) with a fatality, and one last night (8th & Crittenden). What is going on? We have lived here for 4 years and can’t remember so many shootings in such a short span of time. Last night’s was around 7:30 PM! Anyone have anymore information about the last two shootings?

  • I’m sure that only “connected people” were shot.

  • revel-the wonderful late autumn weather..
    rant/lamentation- the aforementioned crimes..

  • Rant: That we have lived with these violent thugs in our midst for too long. I woul like to see enhanced police powers because our current system is failing us.

  • It’s getting insane. Here is the City Paper post about last night’s shooting.

  • And to go with that shooting rant, I will add a “revel”.
    Finally tested out The Hitching Post.
    Insane portions of great comfort food.
    Check it out.
    One “dinner” could serve 3.

  • Can someone confirm the fatality in the Marlboro Pl. shooting? I live down the block and last I’d heard one of the victims was in critical condition, but still living.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    For those not familiar with the Hitching Post: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/?p=548

  • Did the person in critical condition from the marlboro shooting die?

    I got hopeful a few weeks ago when I saw a moving truck outside the 3rd/Taylor drug house, but I walked past over the weekend and the same characters are all there.

    What are the odds that this Marlboro/Taylor incident and the Crittended/Allison incidents are one drug crew going back and forth with another?

    There aren’t enough cops to keep a police presence on/around Marlboro forever. The people in the game will be back out on the street once the cops disappear…the kids on the bikes will be flying around doing what they do, etc etc.

  • Has Keith Jerrell ever made a comment on any of the listserves that wasn’t flowery praise for 4D police? Is he running for some FOP position?

  • Nevermind…I was just looking for something entirely different in my email and found an instance where Mr. Jerrell was complaining. Nevermind.

  • Would adopt the puppy that appeared several posts below, but no one responded to the e-mail I sent to the poster. Any details on how to identify this pup once I get in touch with Animal control would be helpful. Thank you.

  • the crittenden shooting was pretty crazy–there were about 40 shots fired, amazingly noone was hurt, but a couple cars were completely trashed. The police actually responded, which surprised a lot of us given that we’ve all called 911 numerous times after hearing gunshots and they’ve never shown up before. There were even some detectives, indicating that they **may** be taking this more seriously finally.

    The shooters were said to be from outside petworth…I’m not optimistic that anything will be done.

  • JnDC–call the NY Ave Animal Shelter, that’s where the pup should be. They’ll hold him for about a week and then release for adoption.

  • Revel-the new dog park at 11/R is awesome. It is one of the public works projects I have seen done right in this town. They even used something other than dirty/grass for the ground, which is good because gravel on concrete means the dogs are far less dirtier than if they were play on grass/dirt (like in most dog parks). I was very impressed.

  • Thank you, I just wish I had some more detail to provide to them about just which puppy he is, as I imagine they had more then one that they picked up that day…

  • these are bad economic times at all levels. Street Crime is just one manifestation. don’t expect it to get any better anytime soon. competition for resources. just thank your lucky stars obama won. the recovery will take time though…

  • JnDC, I would print out the picture of him from the blog and take it with you if you don’t hear anything back. Then at least you won’t have to just go by your own description of the picture…

    Markus, no that moving van was for our neighbors who lived a few doors up from the house you are talking about. They were great neighbors who never caused any problems, were only here for less than a year. I guess DC was just not the place for them. I think they were from the midwest somewhere.

  • Rave: Finally replaced a chainlink fence in the backyard with a nice new wood one and removed a diseased excuse for a tree that would drop fetid stinkberries everywhere.

    Rant: A $500-job to add a new boiler tank (to make it more efficient and therefore *save* money) somehow quadrupled in price and involved a flooded basement and adding a new water heater, a backflow preventermabob, and a piping regulator whatzyhoozit.

    Rant #2: Am now completely broke.

    Rant #3: My house sits in the epicenter of a 3-day-long (and ongoing?) Shootout at the Petworth Corral.

    Rave #2: Yay fence.

  • Rave: Tomorrow off.
    Rant: Tomorrow doing chores thought up by Lil’ Gal.

  • I hate rats and squirrels.
    I hate them so much.
    I hate hate hate hate them.
    I hate seeing them in trees.
    I hate seeing them in the gutter.
    I hate seeing their innards squashed against the pavement like enchiladas with tails.
    I hate the garbage men who don’t empty my garbage can on Fridays.


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