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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • I Baracked the vote and watched history happen!

  • Rant: A ton of work to do and no time to do it.

    Revel: The next few weeks are going to be pure debaucherous mayhem.

  • I was not in DC on election night. That kind of (really) sucked.

  • Metro will finally give us bus to metro riders a transfer discount.

  • Revel: I have an amazing group of friends who made my birthday last night so much fun and very memorable. The wait staff at LGL were really awesome and Trivia night was the tits!

    Rant: I got a parking ticket on my car last night because apparently even tho it was past the time you had to pay the meters, apparently it is still only 2 hour parking. I thought the meter being stickered with 2 hour parking was misleading and made it seem like during the meter usage hours you could only get a max of two hours worth of time. Also, very unfair, I got the ticket, while parked right in front of me was a car with some nefarious dealings that, let’s just say, involved a man and a toothless woman in the front seat …I guess it wasn’t just my birthday!

  • revel: having a great birthday celebration for kalia at lgl last night, then seeing a toothless wonder and her john turn tricks in a parked car outside while our group watched from 10 feet away, mouths agape…

    rant: im already exhausted and broke, and the weekend hasnt even started :/

  • revel: watching the steelers dismantle the redskins in person!!

    rant: getting to/from the Fed Ex Field!! it’s nice, but very inconvenient to get there!!

  • Rant: Timothy Jones is still my ANC rep. Cannot believe he won.
    Rave: It’s beautiful and I don’t have to go anywhere this weekend!!!

  • I have never seen anyone give or get a blow job (can I say that?) in a car. Though now that I think about it, back in college there was this guy who liked to be on the receiving end of such activity while actually driving. So this is really a free-association rant. Wonder what’s the going rate for such activity, in a parked car in petworth, that is. And was she really toothless or is that just a figure of speech?

  • Rant: The Redskins had to nobly sacrifice a win so as not to impede Barack’s presidential bid.

    Rave: He won!

  • I think blow job is okay to say, but blowjob gets you in trouble. you know, that whole finger/prick hogwash. On a lighter note, I think its city mandate that toothless whores charge more.

  • well, she had a couple of teeth…im telling you, we were RIGHT there, and she sort of threw her head back as if to catch a breath or let out a guffaw, and you could see gum every which way… very surreal…i dont think i even looked at the guy though, as i was so amazed by her bobbing head and lack of discretion..

  • Rant: Had to train temps at 7:00am Wednesday morning, so had to miss what was probably the hugest celebration of my lifetime.

    Rave: Just watched the new President-elect’s first press conference.

  • Rave: you can use the two word term for a certain in-car indiscretions.
    Rant: you can’t use the one word term, as my comments are caught in moderator court

  • revel- the nfl teak with the racist name lost this past monday night…
    rant- muriel bowser is back again…

  • I am raving about the yard sale at 118 Varnum St NW Washington DC. I have never seen so many articles of clothing for babies. She has every size in both boys and girls. There are also a ton of shoes, blankets, bibs, and so much more. She said she is there until 9pm tonight and then from 9am till 3pm tomorrow. Stop by and check it out.

  • Well played, Shenanigans, well played!

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