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Achtung. Really? That’s the third language? Are there many German speakers roaming our nation’s capital? I wonder what a more appropriate third language should be – Ethiopian Ahmaric?

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  • Let’s just be a smidge less provincial. If a company is looking to maximize the applicability of its product in the American and European markets, they are very well served by including the language of the largest EU country.

  • Well, for the past 8 years the more appropriate third language would have been Texan, in which case it should read “Slow down, Pardner” to stop errant Texans from getting tumped over.

  • as a german living in Washington for six years now i have to say that i find it nice to see a sign in German 😉

    and also i think there are quite a few germans living in DC. the embassy is quite big, all of the three major TV stations have quite large offices in town (two of them in Georgetown right on M-Street), the EU has a large embassy, and then there are tons of us at the Wrold Bank (we do like bureaucracy after all)

  • Ethiopian isn’t a language.

  • What do ethiopians speak?

  • What’s an Ethiopian?

  • Many Ethiopians speak Amharic (the official language of Ethiopia), but other common languages are Oromo or Tigrinya.

  • Tigrinya is spoken in Eritrea, which broke off from Ethiopia several years ago and became its own country.
    I always thought the same thing when I saw the German on the yellow sign. But in DC Public Schools, the top 5 languages other than English represented are Spanish (far and awy the largest language group), French (mostly spoken by West Africans from former French colonies), Vietnamese, Chinese and Amharic, discussed above.

  • Huh. I would have thought French would be the third language on such a sign, thus covering the primary languages of North America. Guess it depends on where these signs are made? (Tho they’re probably all made in China.)

  • I’m goin to opt for Esperanto.

  • The three languages could just as easily be French, Spanish, and German. The word ‘Attention’ is the same in French as in English.

    Gotta figure that with French, English, Spanish, and German, the manufacturer can sell one product throughout the whole of the Americas (except perhaps Brasil), most of Africa, and all of Europe (most everyone in Europe speaks at least two languages).

  • How about some pig latin …. autioncay!

  • or I guess it would be attentionaye

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