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DSCN4380, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Wow, I think this contest had the best entries so far. Extremely difficult to pick a winner. However, a winner we must have. Please email me directly so I can get you a PoP t-shirt.

Winner from Craig:

Looking at the newly constructed wall, Stella thought to herself “Damn you stupid immigration reform!”

Runner up from SKim:

Stella woke up on a strange porch feeling empty yet again. Her cap was missing, her mouth was covered in a strangers slobber and there were hand prints all over her long neck. At least her label was still on this time she thought. Sadly she realized that big city life and partying hard was not for her. With one last glance back at the gang, she slipped away to go back to the small town where she grew up.

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  • PoP – not sure what your criteria are for chosing the winner – but SKim is my favorite. Maybe you should pick the top two or three and let your readers vote for the winner. Just to see what would happen. But, this is your blog and you know I love it – so however you choose the winners is fine with me. I am not trying to make you change anythign – only a suggestion.

  • i agree with kay…while i do think that mine are always the best, i hardly ever agree with your pics…let the people vote!!

  • I don’t get it.

  • That’s the winning caption!?

  • eh, i thought the same things. but i also thought this week’s pic was rather unremarkable. too bad the school bus pics didn’t come earlier

  • While the picture may have been unremarkable – there are some truly creative people in Petworth – really SKim gets my vote. Classic! Give SKim a t-shirt!

  • My favorite was the one word entry from Anonymous 3:12: “amateurs”.

    I just thought of another good one, though, something we’ve all said at least once:
    I’m never drinking again.

  • Thanks folks! I’ll be here all week with two shows on Saturday. Don’t forget to check out my Christmas special and buy a cd on your way out.

    Hmmmm….Kay?!?! Mom, is that you? For the last time, stay off my computer!! Jk. Appreciate the support and glad you like my captions.

    T-shirts?!?! I was only doing it for the free shots of whiskey PoP gives me at the happy hours.

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