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  • “In the name of the Santa, Frosty and the holy family. Amen.”

  • After purchasing the rights to Jesus’s birthday, the savvy agents, Santa and Frosty left very satisfied.

  • After getting rid of the Pilgrims and their damn turkey, Jack couldn’t help but smile as he set his gaze on Santa. He knew that there was room for only one holiday. His only problem, who the hell was the kid?

  • Just out of the frame, an Easter egg hunt.

  • “So, Mary, good deal or not? It does come with a home alarm system…”

  • Roll call
    Jack O’Lantern?
    Frosty, Santa?
    Joe, Mary, Jesus aka “The Fam”?
    Turkey? Turkey? Turkey?…

    PS. stacy’s is hilarious

  • Hobbled by the fact that they were “gord-like squashes”, and therefore had no legs, the Pumpkin Brothers were nonetheless optimistic that they would find the most Easter Eggs this year.

  • Says the pumpkin on the left to the pumpkin on the right: “Which one of these do I write to for my two front teeth?”

  • Sorry guys, the frankincense is a little frozen.

  • Joseph decides to act on his suspicions about the Immcalate Conception by confronting some of Mary’s old flames.

  • This week on “Behind the Holiday” – Because of vastly different styles and ideologies, the Jesus and the Winter Boys band broke up. Some say that Jesus’ addiction to communal wine and controlling parents/managers were responsible. Others that the inequitable distrubution of their huge contract with Hallmark created bitterness. Surprisingly, they all moved forward and had enormously famous solo careers.

  • Before they are allowed to enter the house, Susie makes her guests choose the REAL reason for the season.

  • Fact check for 1up: The Immaculate Conception does not refer to how Jesus came to be, but that Mary was born without original sin. The virgin birth covers Jesus’ origins.

  • Perry: Part of the belief is also that Mary lived without sin. Second, I think it’s worth adding that for the sake of a joke using a common misconception often plays out better than sticking to the facts. Saying ‘virginal birth’ takes away from the punch. no?

  • I could have sworn that the angel said there would be three wise men.

  • Summer over, Joe packs away his pink flamingos and puts on display his new Fall/Winter line

    (the original sinner)

  • Frosty, stop fondling your candy cane. Jesus is looking right over your shoulder, and if he makes you blind, I will NOT spare another button off this red suit.

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