Nichole Checks Out Taylor Gourmet on H St. (NOW DELIVERING)


DC is not a sandwich city. This is a common lament from transplants who remember the delis back home and are looking for a little sustenance on a sub roll. Sure, there’s Litteri’s, So’s Your Mom, breadline, and the Chicken Madness at Wisey’s, but for a city of this size, it can seem like slim pickings.

David Mazza and Casey Patten are Philly transplants who recognized the need for a place to get a decent sub in DC and so they opened Taylor Gourmet earlier in the month. The folks over at Frozen Tropics have been holding their breath waiting for this spot to open at 1116 H St. NE for months now. And now that they have, it seems like a day doesn’t go by that a new positive review isn’t posted on a blog or, most recently, in the Post.



I recently dropped in on Taylor moments before the lunch rush and got to chat a bit with David, and of course, grab a sandwich and some risotto balls. My timing was great because 5 minutes after placing my order, the line was starting to form. I asked David what he recommended and he said that I had to give the 9th Street Italian a try. Perfect, because I’d been eying the menu for a while and that was precisely what I was thinking. I got a side of risotto balls and a soda from the Boylan’s fountain.

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While I waited I browsed the market and although I restrained by urge to spend on pastas, olive oils, vinegars and deli meats, I am sure that I will be back.





I got my food to go and my mouth was watering just from the smell by the time I got home. I worried that the sandwich couldn’t live up to the hype and that I’d end up disappointed. I unwrapped my food, and snapped a few pictures before digging in. I knew from bite one that there would be no disappointment. The meats, the cheese, the oil and vinegar and the amazing bread from Sarcone’s in Philadelphia (brought in fresh, daily) tasted like the Italian hoagies back home and definitely give Litteri’s a run for their money here. (For the record, I remain a loyal Litteri’s fan, and there’s been a lot of blog back-and-forth trying to compare the two since both are located relatively near each other. I think it’s like comparing apples and oranges really, and there is more than enough room for both – and the Italian Store in Arlington.) The risotto balls were deep fried nuggets of melt-in-your-mouth goodness, and come with a side of Taylor’s homemade marinara.


As I mentioned in the title, Taylor’s also delivers and caters. I’ve lived on the Hill for years and I can not begin to express my joy at this development. There are so few delivery options over here, that to have one of Taylor’s caliber is truly a blessing. They have a very wide delivery area, and will deliver most anywhere in the city for a $2 surcharge.

In addition to Taylor’s food and market being a welcome and needed addition to the H St. neighborhood, Casey and David have shown a great commitment to the community by not only opening up shop, but by buying the building and living in the units upstairs. The H Street neighborhood is lucky to have them, and so are we neighbors to the south on the Hill.

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  • I went the first weekend they were open, on a Saturday. They still were working out the kinks (namely, the ordering system wasn’t explained, leading to a lot of confusion) and it took a little while, but the sandwiches were great. It does get very busy at lunch and on the weekends, but I think it’s worth it.

  • once again it baffles me. why the hell cant Mount Pleasant get something like this? I just feel so sorry for the street itself. I know MTP Street isnt alive and its feelings can’t be hurt. But really, such a vibrant corridor it used to be. So much potential to be a cute historic strip. it withers away. but oh well I can always hop on the subway to gallery place. then get a smart bike and pedal over to this spot. until the A-hole landlords and lame-o neighborhood groups in mtp die or get a life and something decent actually comes to the street. until that day comes. god bless mass transit

  • After reading Nichole’s post and hearing some other positive reviews I decided that today was the day for me to test out Taylor. I convinced my office manager to buy sandwiches for the staff and then I went around to everyone’s office and took orders. I called only to find out that they are CLOSED until Friday for the damned holiday. Do you know what an effing tease that is? I shall make it to Taylor one day, but it better be good to make up for today’s disappointment.


  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Went and order a sandwich in addition to purchasing some provisions (olive oil). I charged the groceries on my card and looking at my statement noticed that THEY DOUBLE CHARGED ME!!!

  • do they have any decent veggie sandwichs for the vegheads?

  • I was double-charged too, but I e-mailed them and they wiped away the 2nd charge that day and offered me some free risotto balls next time I came in. They’re just working out the early kinks I think. Nice guys and good hoagies, even if they don’t use Amorosa rolls.

  • They do have a few veggie hoagies, and salads, and risotto balls are meat-free. I’m a big meat-lover, but I think the Lombard St with roasted garlic and the sharp provolone is going to be my next order. The menu is here: (thank you Frozen Tropics for putting it on flickr)

  • I had a chance to grab a chicken cutlet from Taylor this Sunday. Here’s the review. Sounds like from your review it’s better to target an early lunch than a late lunch like I did (1:30pm).

  • I’ve been back several times since they opened, and they just keep getting better. Casey has really impressed me with the way he seeks feedback and then responds to it, rather than simply ignoring criticisms and constructive suggestions.

    There’s a lot that’s right about Taylor, and it is definitely a welcome addition to the H Street neighborhood.

  • I can’t wait to go, just for Sarcone’s bread. what that bread means to Philly.

  • nichole: you live on the hill and you talk about sandwiches without mentioning mangialardo’s? how can you skip over what many many people believe is one of the best places to grab a bite in the city?

  • IMGoph – You’re right. Oversight on my part. I actually haven’t eaten there in years b/c as you know, their hours aren’t really convenient unless you’re working nearby (during the week, before 3). Of course, I’m not working at all right now, so tomorrow’s lunch might just be a G-Man. Thanks for the reminder!

    By the way, I just had dinner delivered from Taylor. Lanier Park salad w/ chicken and toasted ravioli. Delivery was fast and the food was delicious.

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