New Rules For Catching A Cab In Adams Morgan on 18th Street


The Washington Post Going Out Gurus have the scoop:

“Between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, you will no longer be able to hail a taxi on 18th Street between Columbia Road and Wyoming Avenue. Instead, you’ll have to go to one of two officially approved taxi stands, either at 18th and Kalorama (on the west side of the street, in front of Awash restaurant), or in the alley behind the SunTrust Bank near 18th and Columbia. “The idea is to reduce congestion,” says Kristen Barden, executive director of the Adams Morgan Partnership Business Improvement District, adding that door staff at all the bars and clubs are being briefed to tell customers where to go.”

So what do you think – is this a good idea? Do you think this will make it easier to catch a cab on Friday and Saturday nights? Or do you imagine brutal lines and fights given how wasted most people will be? I’m very curious to see how this turns out.

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  • I am sure that there are valid things this will alleviate, but we are all smart enough to recognize the negatives. I suspect that there will be much less racial discrimination now, which is a good thing for the planet, even if the lines could get unruly.

  • I predict a disaster. And I seriously doubt all cab drivers will comply.

  • It was a great thing last Friday night in Adams Morgan. I don’t know why they didn’t do this years ago. There weren’t cars stacked up for blocks, for one.

  • Can they still drop people off?

  • I love that they already posted “taxi only” parking signs in those areas. However, they neglect to mention that it’s only on Friday and Saturday nights. Sound like yet another way for DC to give out bogus parking tickets??? Shocking, I know.

  • I lived in Austin for a 10 years. Their 6 block long party district (6th street) was blocked off.

    In New Orleans, bourbon street is also blocked off.

    It’s ideal.

  • This is a good first step. The second step is shutting down 18th Street in Adams Morgan to vehicular traffic completely on Friday and Saturday nights, which is what they should have done when the smoking ban went into effect. Now, the narrow sidewalks cannot handle the hordes going from bar to bar combined with all the smokers pushed out into the street. I’ve seen too many fights start when people who’ve had a few drinks simply bump into each other.

  • yes I dont get it. close the effing street. just close the effing street. from columbia to florida. just CLOSE THE EFFING STREET (friday and saturday nights that is)

  • are there any downsides to closing the street at night on the weekends? seems such an obvious solution to a lot of the problems. Is it that residents on the neighborhood streets that feed into 18th would protest? I mean its my guess that closing the street would discourage a TON of the current suburban car traffic into the neighborhood on those nights. I just dont see a downside.

  • Yes, for the love of God, close the street.

  • They likely won’t close 18th street because the only entrance/exit to the ‘DUI’ parking garage is in the middle of the block.

    This cab stand thing is going to be a useless too. Who will enforce it? The same District Taxicab Commission who enforces cab maintenance/cleanliness standards, that cabbies don’t rip off customers, and combating the blatant racism of many cabbies refusing to pick up customers?

    MPD sure won’t have time to enforce it – they’re too busy breaking up fights.

    Closing the block off would be great, but I think enough ‘well connected’ business/garage/valet owners would pitch a fit and prevent it from happening.

  • How many staggering drunks will want to stagger all the way to a designated taxi stand when their cars are parked just right outside?

    Seriously, Adams Morgan does not cater to the kind of clientele you want to discourage from taking a cab.

  • Definitely close it off. On a similar subject, close off Dupont Circle permanently.

  • They did have taxicab commisioners out last weekend to attempt to enforce this rule, but there were definitely a lot of cabs picking people up wherever they wanted.

  • we need a freaky area in dc. adams morgan is it. what? we want to close that off? no.

    the commotion is what folks like. it’s fun.

    say no to homogenized dc, the birthplace of punk and EMO music.

    if you want to have a nice little neighborhood, move to VA or MD.

    we need a wacky place in dc.

    just police it…..


    move back to iowa or north dakota, or wherever.

    you people are amazing.

    and funny.

    go home.

  • I don’t like it.

    It’s not like this is some critical artery for the function of the city at 9pm-4am. Close it down! If this plan works to reduce congestion, all that it means is that the traffic will be flowing at a higher rate of speed, which is also a lousy idea on a street surrounded by drunk people.

    Just close it down between 9pm and 4am.

  • Yes, yes, this is a great idea! After all the huge hassles getting a cab on the street, what a great idea. But only if someone is enforcing the line structure- if not, look forward to way more street fights.

  • Tons of cabs were getting towed last Saturday. At $100 a pop I’m sure cab drivers will start to comply, at least for awhile.

  • Actually four bus lines run down 18th St. even on Friday and Saturday nights, that would have to be re-routed and there are fire stations at the top and bottom of 18th St. that use it…not saying the street shouldn’t be shut down (MPD does shut it down on some Friday and Saturday nights), but this is definitely something that needs to be considered carefully and all the players, MPD, WMATA, DCFD, business and residents need to be talking about it and making the decions, not just the Grahamstander.

  • It would be easier if 18th was restricted to Buses, Cabs, and first responders only on Friday/Saturday nights. At the bare minimum parking should be barred on 18th street if only to deter people circling the block looking for spaces.

  • I often ask white friends (female, usually) to hail cabs for me in places like Adams Morgan… Then I get in… Goodness- the cabbies dont like this move at all!

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