New Location For Bill Ayers Speech Tonight

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From an email:

“Due to the large number of people who want to attend the book talk and signing with Bill Ayers, we have moved it to a new location to be sure there is space for everyone. The book talk and signing will be held at: All Souls Church, 1500 Harvard Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 – two blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro.

6:30 PM
William Ayers will sign and discuss his two books – City Kids, City Schools: More Reports from the Front Row – and its companion- City Kids, City Teachers: Reports from the Front Row. In these inspiring resources, William Ayers explores the surprising realities of city classrooms from kindergarten through high school. With its upbeat mix of ready-to-share city kids’ memoirs and classroom strategies, William Ayers reflects on how improving urban education is more essential than ever. It is a useful guide as well as a call to action for anyone who teaches or has taught in the city, for those considering teaching in urban schools, and for every parent with children in our schools today.”

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  • very interesting! can I cancel my other plans in order to be there?!

  • Will he discuss developing hands-on experiences for innercity youth, such as making pipe bombs while listening to Jefferson Airplane?

    Sorry. Couldn’t stop myself.

  • he’s wearing a Cuba jersey? seriously? lol

  • I ended up going. It was actually a pretty great talk. He focused on the idea of how education is and should be different in an open democracy, and how he came to understand his own concept of education through the Freedom School model.

  • What I remember about the Weather Underground, before they went underground, was a chant something like ” what we believe in is Marxism, Leninism, Mao Tse-Tung thought”. Do he believes in democracy now? And as for education, how long was he an actual teacher? And in a public school? Uh, I didn’t think so.

  • I meant to write “So he believes in democracy now? ” in the above post.

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