Nats Get New Uniforms


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Thought you might want to see the new Nats road uniform, and the new navy alternate. They kept the DC logo on the new road jersey, and the navy alternate is a little, um, patriotic. A lot of fans were worried that the Nats were phasing out the DC logo and trying to appeal more the suburbs, but that has, thankfully, not happened.”


You dig ’em?

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  • I like the road jerseys. I would argue that the navy blue joints (complete with mawkish logo) ARE indeed a nod to the Nats’ very suburban fan base…

  • Who are these Nats of which you speak? Little leaguers?


  • saf

    Yes it has happened. That flag DC jersey is ONLY for July 4th.

    I’m not buying any more Nats gear (and you understand that between the 2 baseball freaks in my house, that is a noticeable amount of money) until there are DC items again.

  • Am I the only Washingtonian tired of the big RED W as a logo for the Nats? I love the DC logo and don’t want it to be RED for all the obvious political reasons.

  • @Drew
    Red “W”? I thought it was just the sideways Expo’s “E”! 🙂

  • saf

    Drew – the Curly W is a slight modification of the old Senators W logo. I’m cool with it.

    I do like the DC logo a whole lot better though.

  • The curly W is basically a Walgreens logo. Uggggh.

    Even if the fan base is mostly suburban I don’t know why that would mean they should not use the DC logo. Virtually every friend I have in the suburbs has always referred to the city as DC or the District. They never say “let’s go into Washington for happy hour tonight”.

  • Probably for the same reason the Orioles dropped “Baltimore” from their logo… The O’s were the regional team for a long time, and didn’t want to turn people off who didn’t live
    in and around B’more…
    I, too, despise the red “W” joints.

  • I like the ‘W’ I think its a simple and aestetically pleasing logo. The DC logo is fine I guess but its a little boring and uninspired. Why not make the ‘DC’ design an open invite freelance job with a hefty reward to a local graphic designer? The finalists could be chosen by the club management and/or fans…

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