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Not only is the mural itself super cool but it’s awesome how it’s on the side of a rowhouse. Nicely done.


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  • The same guy did the murals for the Turkey Thicket Rec Center in Brookland, which are truly awesome and way under-appreciated.

  • this is very nicely done but it would sure be nice if it represented the diversity of the neighborhood…

  • How old is the mural? Maybe it was completed before the area became more
    … diverse?

  • It is beautiful!

  • beautiful… who is the artist?

  • the mural is being painted this month, it is brand new. unfinished actually at this point.

  • Give it a rest. What percentage of, umm, the races not represented in the mural need to live there for the mural to be required to reflect them? 20%? 30%? How can you even make such an arbitrary judgment? Just enjoy the art already.

  • I love it! What a great way to paint your house!

  • NAB, after a while the black people telling me the neighborhood I’ve lived in for 15 years and the neighborhood that a friend of mine from college lived in 25 years ago and a neighborhood that was whites only up until 1948 is a “Black Neighborhood” or “Chocolate City” gets downright offensive. Where I live has been, consistently, multiethnic since the first home sale to an African-American in 1948.

    LeDroit Park was designed as a Whites Only Gated Community which stayed such until the late depression. That’s what the LeDroit Park gate in the mural represents. Everyone I knew at Howard knows this.

    The city is currently expected to become an ethnic plurality, which is to say that no ethnic group will have a majority, by 2014.

    It’s “ok” that everyone in the photo of this mural is black, but it’s not cool. It’s not cool as long as kids were listening to a rap song in their car over the weekend that had a refrain that sounded a lot like, “buk buk buk buk, kill that cracker.” It’s people who are bitter clinging to guns and religion and it doesn’t really belong in this city anymore, it doesn’t represent the future and it doesn’t represent me. I don’t want to stop people from making something that makes them happy, but I’m getting a little tired of being hit over the head that for a 20 year period, from 1969 to 1989 there were almost no white people living in the Central Northwest area. Well, before that there were and after 1989 there were and it just has to be ok that there were and are now, we can’t go back to segregated living and moving to the suburbs doesn’t excite me, but then again, I’m sick of people trying to psychologically force me out.

  • The artist is Garin Baker. He is not a DC area artist, but his work is beautiful:

  • amen, neener. well written. in the end, everyone needs to get over the whole “my group was here before your group” bit, so we can all focus on moving forward together.

  • I think its beautiful as is, politics aside! Its art!

  • sometimes people can represent people, not just people that look like them.

    the mural depicts nice weather and autumn. is this intended to suggest that rain and springtime do not exist?

    Diversity is great. but does that always have to be the focus?

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