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I’ve always enjoyed the food at St. Ex located at 14th and T Streets, NW. So what do you guys think about the food? And I suppose while we’re on the subject, are there any fans of the bar (upstairs and downstairs) out there?

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  • Every time I eat there I get the runs

  • While I don’t get the runs, the one time I stopped by their brunch I was disappointed by the lack of options. And those things that were available (that I purchased) were pretty good, nothing special. A big reason I wanted to check out their brunch was the supposed strength of their beer list.

    It has some good options, but not much breadth. And I think the quality options have started to thin out (having more recently been there for a few drinks, no food).

  • Eh the food is OK but overpriced. It’s a great spot to eat outside on warm day. I’m kind of impartial to the downstairs bar, because I’ve managed to meet the last 3 guys I’ve dated there… so I like it. Fun dancing, mixed crowd, gets hot and sweaty easily.

  • or partial, not impartial. It’s a friday afternoon and my brain is elsewhere…

  • They definitely have really good burgers. Just wanted to add that.

  • …impartial may make sense….unless you’re still dating all 3 of the guys.

  • they’re brunch is a bit pricy, but they used to have this really amazing granola (i know, it sounds boring, but it’s not just any granola, and no i’m not a hippie). i went back there just for the brunch a few months ago and it wasn’t on the menu! it was really disappointing.

  • The one time I ate there I thought the food was pretty bad (it was during Restaurant Week too!), but I do love the dancing at the downstairs bar. The downstairs bar is called Gate 54, right?

    While I’m on the subject…I used to love Saint-Ex’s sister bar, Bar Pilar. Although I do like their beer selection, since they changed their food menu I don’t like it as much. I used to love Bar Pilar’s menu and their creative twists on bar food–yummy rolled tacos and crispy, delicious tater tots. Now they have overpriced crap just like Saint-Ex.

  • Love the burgers and the goat cheese cheesecake. I find everything else pretty standard… (and not worth waiting in line for).

  • I recently had dinner and brunch there and thought everything was really good and fresh. Service is really friendly, too.

  • The burger and fries are the best! That’s all I ever get there.

  • I’ve had some really excellent meals there! Once they had a special dessert of lemon verbena ice cream…my friend had the goat cheese cheesecake…it was a fantastic combination.

  • I understand that we have the Saint Ex to thank for the renaissance of U Street (I thought it was the Reeves Ctr first, but others said it was the Saint Ex)

  • downstairs bar is claustrophobically awesome. Love it down there.

    I’m not a big fan of the menu; a bit too foofy for me; something a bit more working-class would be better, in my humble. The fried-green-tomato-BLT is the most down-to-earth thing I can ever find, and it’s a bit pricey. So it’s all about the beverages for me.

  • I’ve had some really good food here such as the Halibut or Red Snapper…sweet potato fries are also awesome

  • Great brunch! Haven’t been there in a while for dinner so I won’t comment.

  • no obnoxious whining about hipsters yet? color me shocked.

    i love saint x even if it is full of bridge and tunnel people sometimes. very cool place, and a huge gamble to open in that location as early as they did.

  • Eric, in one breath, you seemingly criticize people for making fun of hipsters, and in the next breath, you demonize the bridge and tunnel crowd (who may not actually be that, by the way, but you probably judge them as such based on the way they look). Personally I have no problem with either… but I do have a problem with summary judgements of people based on what you you perceive as “the kind of people you don’t like”
    /end rant

  • I’ve only ever had their burger, but it was really good. As far as the bar itself goes, I prefer Pilar.

  • Yes, Pilar over St.Ex for the bar. Times infinity.

  • Fried green tomato BLT with sweet potato fries and a dale’s pale ale. Winner every time.

  • bogfrog: Saint Ex came to the neighborhood quite recently [maybe 5 years ago?] and are DEFINITELY not a pivotal spot in the renaissance of U St. Places like Polly’s, State of the Union, and even Black Cat were here LONG before them…

  • Where is the tunnel to DC?…I guess there is the Rosslyn to Foggy Bottom metro tunnel, never mind.

  • What the heck is the bridge and tunnel crowd? I like the St Ex. The food is eh, but in eating there, I am not looking for gourmet. I think it does have great atmosphere.

  • I’ve had brunch outside there once. It was a nice scene and the food was good, pricey, but good.

  • The downstairs bar is not bad but the soundsystem needs an uprade. Those two little speakers don’t quite cut it when the place is packed.

  • Steve- its a NY term- for people who come to Manhattan via bridges and tunnels (Queens etc). I’m guessing it was used to describe people who live in the suburbs? Kind of like calling a neighborhood in DC NOMA, in my humble opinion.

    Anyway- Just wanted to say that I’ve always like the food there- I got a BLT there for brunch and they obliged me by putting a fried egg on it, so I was happy. My warning is to stay away from the viogner that was on their wine list (I think there was only one). It’s straight up foul. Hopefully that they’ve changed it by now.

  • lol. i was kidding around on both sides, i think complaining about hipsters and complaining about bridge and tunnel people is silly but I hear both complaints all the time about saint x and my larger point was that i like it regardless of what type of person seems to be there.

  • I think the service is usually very thoughtful. Great atmosphere — I’ve eaten there a lot and always enjoy it.

  • I had brunch there one time with some friends and the food was great. It was a little pricey, especially for the self-employed, but I still enjoyed it. And great Mimosa.

  • eating downstairs, had a rat jump over my table.

    never going back there again.

  • Sweet potato fries. ‘Nuff said.

  • Not a hipster gripe, but I did quit going after an unpleasant encounter with a table full of really loud, obnoxious kids at brunch. They were just screaming and cursing, and a discrete complaint to management got a shrug. It’s too pricey for that mess.

  • The best Roast Chicken in the city. I really like St. Ex.

  • I do not know if they have a constant turn around of cooks there but brunch lately can definately a crapshoot. No pun on the guy with runs.

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