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Veritas Wine Bar is located at 2031 Florida Avenue NW. I’ve been very happy with Cork on 14th Street so I haven’t tried this one out yet. How is it? Can you compare it to Cork? Better or worse?

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  • I haven’t been to Veritas yet but I really want to try it out. I enjoy Cork, but I wish they would use fresher water to mop the floors; love the atmosphere, the food, the wine selection, but that sour smell is just off-putting.

  • I had a bad experience at Cork and have become a devotee of Vinoteca.

  • I’ve been wanting to try Veritas, but the space is so small. Don’t try to go there on a Friday or Saturday evening, it is TINY inside. They have a pretty good wine list, and some interesting flights… but its just so crowded.

  • I like Veritas. It’s really a wine bar, whereas Cork and Vinoteca are more like restaurants with a pretty good wine selection. It can be crowded and noisy, but the space is cool and it’s somehow cozy.

    I like Vinoteca too. It’s comfortable, food is good and not unreasonably priced, and the staff have always been cool. I don’t really like Cork. I got turned off by Cork on my first visit. One of the bartenders was a completely pretentious jerk. I guess I didn’t look trendy/hipster/gay enough to warrant service despite the fact that it wasn’t that busy. That kind of attitude at a place that had been open a mere month was too much for me to forgive so I haven’t been back.

  • Vinoteca all the way! My few people I know have tried to like Cork on different occasions, but they always prefer Vinoteca. As for Veritas, I have not tired it yet.

  • Veritas is not great. It’s loud like a bar is loud. I’m not going to a wine bar, to pay a lot of money (sometimes overpriced, but w/e) to not be able to enjoy the wine i’m drinking let alone talk to the person/people i’m with. that’s really the only complaint i have, but i think it’s a big one – it was a deal breaker for me

  • Veritas is more of a bar than Cork or Vinoteca (both of which I enjoy), which are more restaurants. They have an excellent wine menu and a cheese menu that is pretty good as well. The biggest problem is the noise, its a really loud place to get a drink. My recommendation is to hit it early, late or on a weekday.

  • I like the wine bar concept, but I have found all of these way to crowded. Also, forgive me but I have also found the clientel at these places a bit on the pretentious side. That has ruined the atmoshpere for me. My personal favorite wine bar is actuall in New Orleans – The Delachase on St. Charles Ave, Uptown. If anyone is ever down in the big easy check it out, would love to hear comparisons.

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