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  • i like rosemary’s thyme – great patio in the summer, solid food, good people watching on that block. however the big winner for people watching in the summer is that stretch of crappy restaurants on 17th street. i can sit for hours drinking sangria and watching the crazies go by.

  • I like the pides…

  • Ate there on Saturday- it was great!

  • It’s a great neighborhood-y restaurant. When I lived within a 10-minute walk, it was definitely the place my friends gravitated to most often (um, once a week? more?). Half priced wine happy hour, tasty pide and pizza, good salad, brunch, etc. Nothing high end or super remarkable about the food, but it’s definitely my go-to comfort place in DC. Such a contrast to the Lauriol mob scene up the street.

  • I’m old school. I remember when that location WAS the Lauriol Plaza before it moved up the street.

  • I live nearby. It’s a great place for a casual meal. Patio area is awesome in the summer. Food is ok. Drink specials are better. But I believe the wine list at Mandu (Korean place next door) is better.

  • The brunch is okay. Mandu, the Korean place next door, is much better.

  • Good, relatively cheap brunch. I especially dig the fruit and cheese plate.

  • I like it – not too expensive, the omelets are pretty good, the pancakes nothing to write home about. Don’t really dig their creole potatoes. But their dinner is pretty good and not that expensive, either.

  • turkish pizzas are awesome – babaganoosh (sp?) is hella good

  • This restaurant is a reliable, if unspectacular, performer. The “happy hour” specials on food are good values. Avoid the french toast at brunch; it has been made with the same type of savory breads served at dinner.

  • We never liked it much, but the half-priced happy hour is a steal. Do try the weekend brunch at Mandu. You will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Agree with above—solid spot with great outdoor seating. Big menu with lots of vegetarian-friendly options, which can be surprisingly hard to find! I wouldn’t call it one of my favorites, but it doesn’t disappoint.

  • Nice service, and the time a friend stood my up the didn’t complain at all that I took up a table for over an hour and only ordered coffee.

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