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Rice is located at 1608 14th St NW and is a great spot to hit before listening to some Jazz next door at HR 57. I’ve only eaten at Rice twice and I remember that the service was a bit slow but that the food was quite good. Any fans out there?

Per Kalia’s request I’ll also try a star rating system and see if that works:

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  • I really wanted to like Rice. It’s a cool space, it’s convenient, and my girlfriend and I like Thai food. We went there and had one of the worst meals in recent memory. Service took forever and when the food arrived, it was somewhere between lukewarm and cold. Their solution clearly was to microwave it which made the consistency unpleasant. We ordered one seafood dish — the seafood didn’t taste fresh (clearly at best it had just been thawed from a freezer) and I’d say borderline spoiled. Perhaps it was just an off night, but the consistency of awfulness makes it unlikely we’ll ever go back.

  • I had good food there, but the service was so bad that I won’t go back. Every time we needed something we had to practically hunt the server down – it was very frustrating.

  • Like it, but its very loud in there.

  • Good Thai food, but I think they charge too much for decor and fancy presentation. Otherwise, there’s nothing extraordinary about the food to merit relatively higher prices.

  • good food but hard to hear (noisy) inside

  • Great food but I do go early to avoid the noise.

  • Went there a few years ago and remember it as unremarkable and standard DC high-price-small-entree fare. I feel Thai Tanic down the road is a better value, if its still there.

  • Thai Tanic and Thai Phoon are both WAY better.

  • Rice isn’t so bad if you use the takeout option – food is always fresh and ready in less than 20 min. The only problem is paying at the bar on a busy night when the bartender’s priority is fixing drinks and earning tips, and not ringing up some random dude in track pants. And I agree with everyone above, dining at the restaurant can be a less than pleasant experience.

  • been there a few times. the pad thai is very tasty, but overall i’d give it a “meh”

    if you want actual thai food you’re better off going someplace else.

  • Good, but not great.
    On my visit, it was a calm quiet contrast to the sledgehammer dulcimer stylings of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum concert at the Black Cat across the street later that night.

  • I actually love this restaurant and am surprised to hear people compare it with your standard Thai, like Thai Tanic down the street. In addition to traditional thai food they offer their own new take on dishes from other cultures with a Thai twist or vice versa. I got an amazing pumpkin empanada off the seasonal menu that was unlike anything you’d find elsewhere. It does get loud and crowded and the wait-staff aren’t overly attentive, but I’ve never had a bad experience and I’ve been there at least a dozen times. 4 stars!

  • I’ve only been there once right when it opened a year or two ago, but it didn’t make me want to run back. Like everyone has said, it was SO noisy I couldn’t hear anyone at my table.

    I also ordered a dish on the menu described as honey chicken, or something. Granted it didn’t say how it was prepared, so I guess I just assumed it would be a chicken breast dish. Out came four tiny fried chicken legs. It was good, but it seems to me like that’s a preparation that should be clear on the menu, as I hadn’t intended on eating with my fingers.

  • One of my favorite places for a nicer dinner in DC! Amaaaazing spring rolls and rice.

  • I took a chance and chose from their seasonal fungus special. The fungus was unlike anything I had ever seen served but the whole dish was a treat. The others in my party were very pleased with their choices that were not as adventurous. I would never arrive there later than 7 due to increasing noise as the crowds grew.

  • SUPER SUPER LOUD. and disappointingly bland.

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