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We’ve talked a number of times about Tryst but not too often about her sister restaurant Open City located at 2331 Calvert St NW. So is it as crowded as Tryst? How’s the food?

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  • Don’t like the food at all (I refuse to go back). I feel like I am in the distinct minority, though, based on the number of people that want to go there (either that, or there are few places that people clearly identify as “brunch” or otherwise pop into their head when they want brunch).

  • One of my favorite places to eat in the District. Good food, lots of options, breakfast anytime, good service, excellent outdoor seating, and very reasonably priced to name a few reasons. As for comparisons to Tryst, there are none. Tryst is a coffee shop, Open City is a restaurant, coffee shop and bar. Tryst might have couches, but I can actually get a seat at Open City.

  • Open City’s service is far superior to Tryst. The staff is friendly, funny and will do whatever they can to get you what you’d like… unlike Tryst, where they’re only making $2 an hour anyway (hipsters totes don’t tip) and they hate you upon your arrival.

  • I didn’t think the food was good or bad. Just blah. Crowded though so they are definitely doing something right…

  • Great bacon!!

    Super family/kid/pet friendly 🙂

  • Best. Carrot Cake. Ever.

    They did our wedding cake for us too. Love Open City.

  • I thoroughly enjoy Open City, and is one of the places I will consistently bring out-of-town visitors. Great food, great service, great patio, and not bad prices at all. Probably one of my favorite places in the city for a casual hangout meal/cup-o-coffee/drink.

  • Went there this weekend for brunch. As always, it was excellent but very busy. There are very few options that are affordable in this city and Open City is very affordable. Plus it’s near Rock Creek Park. Perfect for burnch and a walk afterwards to burn off those additional calories.

  • The food is not readily distinguishable from The Diner’s, the corporate sibling that offers a closer analog than Tryst. Good for breakfast, generally passable for dinner. (The pizza, which is not available at the Adams-Morgan locations, is quite forgettable). We tend to prefer The Diner for early Sunday morning breakfasts for two reasons. First, one generally can find parking on 18th St.; open spaces are rare in Woodley Park. Second, The Diner offers a very diverse crowd on Sunday mornings — some families, some cops, some people who seem to have hooked up on Saturday night. Open City’s patrons are far more homogenous, and tend towards the squeaky-clean.

  • i like this joint!

  • reliably decent food, open late, fun vibe, big menu, good baked goods — closest thing DC has to a quality diner (the type, not the specific place on 18th). also the fresh squeezed orange juice is great and (i’m told) the tap water they serve is triple-filtered.

  • lousy food, louder than sitting in the middle of a high school marching band playing a halftime show. waitstaff was attentive and friendly, though.

  • sweet.potato.pancakes. ’nuff said.

  • The big problem is that DC doesn’t really have very many good brunch places. Open City is perfectly good but unexceptional and crazy busy on weekends.

  • food is mediocre at best.

  • The scrambled eggs with salmon and cream cheese is out of this world. And the milkshakes rule.

    Need I say more?

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