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Holy cow – another wine bar! Enology is located at 3238 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Seems like this spot keeps turning over. So has anyone checked this place out yet? How does it compare to the other wine bars in town?

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  • say it with me old schoolers. BRING BACK THE ZEBRAH ROOM. (which was a pizza place with a huge hammer head shark mounted on the wall). after that closed i think it was a brothers coffee. then i think it was zebrah lounge which i guess was paying homage to the Zebrah room. but man do i miss going there after little league

  • I, too, miss the “Zebra Room”. It was a nice little dive joint, but Cafe Deluxe is on the verge of taking over its old position (their menu hasn’t changed in years and the quality has been falling that whole time).

    I’ve been to Enology: it’s a huge improvement over the “Lounge” where sketchy people hung out to get wasted and maybe even find a prostitute lurking in the back corner. It’s a great atmosphere, but it is expensive, which made us feel like we weren’t quite pretentious enough. I went on a Tuesday (I think) when they had select bottles for 1/2 price. We drank something delicious that is usually priced at $80/bottle. Our server was great and we had some delicious flatbread-style pizzas. I’m glad it’s in the ‘hood (old hood – now I’m on the right side of the park).

  • I love Enology because it reminds me of a longtime fave in Philly, Tria. (DC seems a couple years behind in catching the wave of restaurant trends.)

    Enology serves only American wines and cheeses, so know that before you go. They have an awesome selection of both. Their flatbread pizza is meh. Tables are small, place can get crowded, but if you’re up for a small bite and a glass or two before heading out, it’s great.

  • tria rules!!!

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