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  • Hey PoP, have you thought about using your polldaddy with these posts? You could do the categories as stars… And then when asked for a good eating place you could tell people that according to PoPville, such and such restuarant was rated with 4 stars.

  • I’ve eaten here a few times. It is pricey (You’ll probably spend at least $50-60 per person, provided you get a bottle of wine) but it’s well worth it. The food is delicious and fresh. And the desserts — and this is coming from someone who’s not really into desserts — are phenomenal. Service is great and the atmosphere is very relaxed. I’d definitely recommend it. Good place to go if you want to impress your date. 🙂

  • Cashions is delicious, and the service is excellent. it is a little pricey, but great for visitors from out of town or other special occasions!

  • I actually don’t think it’s pricey relative to other restaurants in the same class. And for amazing food and great service, I’m actually willing to pay a little bit of a premium. It’s honestly become one of my favorites.

    I agree with Anon that it’s a great place to take visitors if you’re in the mood for something a little nicer.

  • Good place for a Valentine’s Day-esk meal.

  • I had the best organic burger benedict there for brunch. Also their desserts (especially their berry merange) are delicious.

  • This is my favorite restaurant in DC, and not just cause my boyfriend is a cook there! The atmosphere is great, the food is always a 10, and the wine list is amazing.

    And the cooks are cute.

  • Because Cashion’s — back in 1999, when it was still owned and operated by Ann Cashion and the menus featured her peculiar, semi-legible scrawl — was the place my SO and I had our first successful date, we regularly return to celebrate our provisional anniversary. We’ve always found the food and atmosphere first rate. The pricing is comparable to similar relatively high-end restaurants in the city, so this is definitely a special occasion restaurant, rather than someplace to chow down when you don’t feel like cooking.

  • Good food, upscale prices, decent service. Unlike most high end places in the neighborhood, the food is consistent. You could do A LOT worse.

  • tasty food, terribly overpriced.

  • Good Sunday brunch spot.

  • I’ve got the same sentiments as everyone else…it’s pretty much my favorite spot in the city. Of all of the nice restaurants I’ve been to more than once, it is by far the most consistent and I have never been disappointed with a meal here. Sometimes other nice spots can disappoint; not here. It is pricey and a special occasion/friends in town kinda place, but it isn’t as bad as some places…I think many places in the city are outrageously overpriced.

  • On Wednesdays, Krishna (formerly of Aroma) tends bar. Good guy.

  • Food is really good, fresh, seasonal, inventive. More pricey than some places, but for what you get definitely a good deal for a nice restaurant.

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