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What do y’all think about Utopia located at 1418 U Street? I used to be a huge fan because I especially liked the live music on Friday or Saturday nights. But the last time I went the food wasn’t as good as I remembered. Any fans out there?

We’ll make this a twofer. I’ve also been wondering about Coppi’s Organic located next door at 1416 U Street. I’ve never eaten there but have always been curious. For those who have eaten at both which is better?


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  • I really liked Utopia. I ate there in August, and it was great. Fantastic atmosphere, too, and affordably priced.

  • I always want to go to Utopia because I love their couscous curry dish. But I can never find anyone to go with because everyone else seems to think their food is mediocre. Went to Coppi’s once a few years ago and remember the pizza being tasty and the service and atmosphere were nice, but it was a little pricier than it was worth.

  • Can’t speak for Utopia, but I’ve been to Coppi’s many times.

    Coppi’s – the pizza’s just okay, not worth the price. The tables are packed in and when it’s busy, it’s loud and isn’t enjoyable.

    My last (attempted) visit there will ensure I won’t return. The staff lost reservations, treated us rudely, and the manager was nowhere to be found for an hour. Spend your money elsewhere.

  • I liked Utopia in the 90’s… but either my palette has improved or their food has gone downhill. But the atmosphere is great. Coppi’s had good food but always seemed a bit overpriced to me.

  • i’ve had the best pasta i’ve ever tasted at coppis – but it can be spotty.

    utopia is alright, cool atmosphere but nothing too awesome.

  • My wife and I really liked Utopia for the live jazz. We had a great time there during a blizzard a few years back. It was soo cool to sit listenting to a jazz quartet with fogged windows and snow driving down. As of let we have found it getting too crowded and the music starts too late. Guess I am getting old at 41. Bummer

  • Coppi’s is one of my most favorite restaurants in the city. Good food, excellent service and a charming atmosphere!

  • Considering the price, Utopia is great. The Jazz is great, of course, and the food is simple standard stuff. Good, not great, but definitely worth the affordable prices. A great neighborhood joint. Coppi’s is a little too expensive relative to what you get, so I would recommend Utopia over Coppi’s. Nothing against Coppi’s, and the food at Coppi’s is better; I just think the price differential is greater than the quality differential.

  • Haven’t been in awhile, but my husband and I definitely like Utopia for the the price and atmosphere. We’ve taken out of town family there who aren’t up for “swank & pricey.”

  • I went to U-topia for the first time recently, and was thoroughly disappointed. We ended up spending about 90 for not very much (that’s without tip), and the food was pretty disgusting. A small fish-flavored disc masqueraded as a crab-cake, and the shrimp on the entree were those little ones you buy in a can. The cocktails were weak, and, for being the only patrons in there, the service was kind of lacking.

    I’m a server, so I’m pretty forgiving, but I won’t be back to U-topia any time soon.

  • I used to love Coppi’s, but when they went organic their prices doubled. I haven’t been there in ages.

  • For me, Utopia is comfort food. Hit it up on a Monday night for the Gumbo and blackened shrimp app or the Gulf Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta and listen to a great jazz set. Felipe behind the bar is always friendly and pours a good drink!

  • We go to Coppi’s regularly. The non-pizza dishes (particularly appetizers) can be quite good, although entrees are a bit on the expensive side. Pizzas are consistently good, but are chronically under-seasoned; toppings are not generous. The nutella-filled calzone is outstanding. If you just want a pizza and beer, RedRocks in Columbia Heights offers slightly superior pizza and much better value for money. But Coppi’s offers a much broader menu.

    Haven’t been to Utopia in years. My recollection was that the food there was OK, but not memorable.

  • Matt and I ate at Coppi’s. The food was good, but it was so crowded that you might as well have been eating dinner with your neighbors.

  • Never been to U-topia, but I find Coppi’s unremittingly not-so-good. Now that there are so many more places doing the whole assiduously organic-locavore thing, I am amazed that Coppi’s hasn’t been put out of business. The food is, as mentioned above, on the poor side of uneven and outrageously priced even considering the organic bells and whistles. I’ve only been twice, but both times it’s been decidedly un-crowded and the service was both inattentive and somehow snide. Also, at night, it’s too dark to SEE any of the not-so-good food you’re paying such a premium for. Hmph… clearly, they’re on my S-list…

  • I went to U-topia last summer for a friend’s birthday. She ordered the gumbo. The waitress said “are you sure?” and when asked why someone might be unsure, we were told their refrigerator broke that day. Then the waitress said, “um, I probably shouldn’t have told you that! I probably should have said we were out, right?”

  • I prefer Coppi’s. The atmosphere is cozy, the food is superior, and the service has always been great and friendly. Obviously, I’m a fan of organic food and I know how expensive it can be.

  • Food is good, too expensive.

    Service is good, when at it’s best.

    It’s loud, know that going in.

    As for the ‘organic is expensive’ argument…organic isnt’ that expensive. I shop at Whole Foods and farmer’s markets. I could make many pizzas for what they ridiculously charge for one.

    Shame, used to be so reasonable.

    Oh well. I look forward to whatever replaces when they go out of business.

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