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2 Amys is located at 3715 Macomb St., NW. I’ve eaten here once and the pizza was pretty good but damn it was noisy as hell. Because of that (and location) I’d pick Moroni’s, Red Rocks or Pete’s any day of the week over 2 Amys. But in terms of pizza what do you guys think – how does 2 Amys compare?

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  • I think its the best pizza in the city, but it is overrun by kids so it is hard to recommend.

  • Not really my opion here, but from what I read, 2 Amy’s is pretty much the DC Gold standard in the pizza world. From my perspective, the pizza is really good, but the wait and the annoying kids are not worth it. Red Rocks, Comet Ping Pong and Moroni Bros are it.

  • its off the chain and everyone knows this. pizza is amazing and those RISOTTO BALLS. come on. Redrocks is a knock off as everyone knows but is good and way closer to me but I still make the trip to 2amys from time to time. Maronis. I have to lay you all out on this. its good. but not worth the trip for someone not in the hood. I can understand why its neighbors adore it though…

  • I hate to say it but I wasn’t all that impressed with the pizza I got from Moroni and Brothers. I liked the El Salvadorian food but the pizza…it was like I paid $10 to eat crust with some tomatoes and goat cheese thrown on top. I will have to try Red Rocks and 2 Amy’s and see if they are any better.

  • 2-Amy’s is good pizza, but there are an increasing number of similar joints popping up around town. I’d rather go elsewhere than deal with the huge crowd, bratty kids and, even worse, their obnoxious parents.

  • 2amys is just more consistant and on their game. Redrocks, for being the same kind of pizza, is hit or miss and the service often sucks. and while Redrocks was at it I dont know why they didnt carry over the rissoto balls as well. Maronis is championed by its immediate neighbors but thats because there is nothing else there. If you lived a couple blocks from them you would love it and sing its praises too. Comet is great but they should really ban children in there. they really ruin it for me.

  • Too many Kids.

  • I would not describe Moroni Brothers as professional pizza. They had real flaws.

    2 Amys has been around for close to 10 years and is unbelievable. I actually think their calzones are more interesting than some of their pizza.

    It’s noisy, yes, and it’s a family restaurant, but as long as you know that…

  • 2 Amy’s has by far the best pizza in the city.

  • Decent (and I stress ‘decent’) Pizza but nothing that can’t be found at Red Rocks. If I’m hankering for their personal brand of pizza I’ll leave the bratty kids and self entitled parents behind and opt for their sister store with a much better beer selection; Pizza Paradiso.

  • 2 Amys is inconsistent and wildly overrated. Their charcutrie, cheeses, salads and sides are amazing, however. Sit at the bar and just point at what you want, while working your way through a thoroughly credible and modestly priced wine list. If you want pizza, go to Vace – or Comet.

    I hear, btw, that the new upstairs room is far less kid-driven.

  • saf

    FFP – 2 Amys is not affiliated with Paradiso.

  • I am well aware of the criticisms, but 2 Amys remains one of the best places to take a first date.

    The flaws are among the reasons why it is perfect for a first date.

  • overrated and numbingly bland, full of lots of squares who think its ‘so cool’
    much like L’oreal Plaza

  • Comparing 2 Amys to Lauriol Plaza is ludicrous.

  • Ill second Vaces but its not a sit down establishment so that sucks. I really wish they would build out a roof deck like that crappy CP Tavern has in Cleveland park so you can enjoy their pizza and beer hot out of the oven. Hell ill take up donations to get vaces a roofdeck. who wants to contribute?

  • Moronis is good, but too expensive, especially for being in the hood. $10 for a personal sized pizza, and the largest size for $15 isn’t even big enough for 2 people to share. not a good value. with the number of vacant store fronts on georgia avenue, you think they could keep the overhead and the prices low.

  • 2Amys is indeed delicious, some of the best in town. But I’ll echo what others have said about the number of kids in there, and the noise level. Now that there is other great pizza in town, the good food / rambunctious atmosphere tradeoff isn’t worth it anymore. Very much a shame – I miss the risotto balls.

  • That’s funny ENTPdc, I also call it “L’oreal Plaza.”

  • 2 Amy’s is one of my favorite places to eat in DC. I agree with Irving Streete – sit at the bar. No kids, you’ll get a seat way faster than if you wait for a table, and Scott and his bar staff are great. The pizza is the best I’ve had in the city (Pizza Paradiso is a decent second; Coppi’s is wildly overpriced), and the appetizers and sides are always delish. Heck, I think I’ll go there this weekend.

  • Well, it all depends on what you are looking for. As far as traditional Italian pizza, none of the others compare to 2amys. My father is from Naples and was amazed by the quality of the pizza, after just having returned from Italy. 2amys is also one of a handful of Verace Pizza Napoletana Association pizzerias in the US.

    The others are definitely good, but 2amys is the best.

  • I like Sette Osteria in Dupont. Went last night and it is the closest thing to the pizza I had in naples. Way better than red rocks

  • I’ve never understood the hype about 2amys. Both times I was there I got pizza with burnt (yes blackened) crust. When we said something to the server the second time she said it was because of their authentic brick pizza ovens. Funny thing is I’ve had lots of brick oven pizzas and never had any that were black crusted like 2amy’s. I guess the others weren’t authentic.

  • I love 2 Amys. I used to go with a chef friend and let her order everything for us. It’s all made there with quality ingredients and fresh. I agree it is frustrating when it is very crowded.

  • 2 Amys = overrated tourist trap.

    Check out Pete’s or Red Rocks- both are just as good and you won’t spend an hour waiting for a table, just to get pizza that’s soggy in the middle.

  • Used to live a five minute walk from 2 Amys – went once and never went back. WAY overrated. The pizza is bland and tiny for what you pay. I’ll take Comet or Moroni and Bros. any day.

  • jeeze people.

    bratty kids and insufferable parents?

    good luck with your own offspring if and when you ever decide to have some!

    famous last words of a married, pregnant couple: “OUR kids will NEVER do that!”


  • anoneemoo – You said it!

  • Oops – my daughter hit enter before I was finished…

    You said it! and right on!

  • Jiminy. Lots of antikid rhetoric up in here. 2Amys has intentionally been kid friendly since it opened. If that makes you skip it, good. I’m getting pretty sick of carefully undergroomed 20-something hipsters with hundred dollar jeans and hornrims rolling their eyes and sighing theatrically every time my kid drops a fork or talks above a whisper. Good riddance.

  • And I’m sick of breeders who think their kids’ every vomit, spit and temper tantrum is the most adorable thing ever. I bet you are one of those people that drags a double wide stroller on the Metro during rush hour.

  • umm…how can people who benefit so much from breeders (i.e. your very existance) have such issue with kids. I for one don’t think my kids vomit, spit nor temper tantrums are adorable. I don’t expect you to like that stuff either. But good grief your talking about the future of the human race.?!? Can’t they ride the metro to?

    Imagine, kids in a pizza place, who would of thunk it.

  • Two Amy’s has been rated the most “authentic’ pizza in DC since they opened. They are D.o.C certified for making “Neapolitian” pizza. If you want an authentic “Neapolitan” style pizza, you will not find a better pizzeria around.

    If you want a NY, Boston, or CHI style pizza – don’t go. Period.

    For me (With a 1, and a 4 year old), the fact that it is kid friendly is a plus. However, there is always a long line unless you hit just after the “Early – Kid” dinner-time, and the “Late-European” dinner time.

    As far as kids vomiting, spitting, having temper tantrums, etc… This almost sounds like anti-2amy’s propaganda by some less good pizza baking wanna be hipster.

    Personally, I prefer 7 (expensive) or even red-rocks. However: last night my (Italian – from Venito) wife vetoed Red-Rocks and had me pickup from Pete’s in CH.

  • Trust me, anonymous, when my kid has a tantrum or vomits in public the last thing I think is “how adorable.” But it’s unlikely that you’ll grasp that. DC (or any other city, for that matter) is not some nature preserve for Hipsterus Americanus. You have no right to a kid free lifestyle anywhere but your own house. Don’t like it? Too bad. See you on the Metro.

  • What wrong with taking a double wide stroller on the metro during rush hour or any other time of day/night? People work and need to get home. Some of those people even have kids. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe people have the nerve to want to get home!

    How about thinking about someone other than yourself? That might be a start in the right direction….

  • i havent felt more 30 something than i have after reading those comments above. its amazing how clearly and strongly you can feel something in your 20’s only to learn with experience that it was all wrong.

  • Decent pizza, but:

    – kids and entitled parents (i spend a lot of time in the neighborhood, and not all people with kids are such jerks)
    – noise (tile floors + tile walls + tin ceiling)
    – wait times (45min+)

    all this add up to the big issue for me: lousy service. if i worked there, i’d be annoyed, too, but sometimes the servers are just grumpy, curt, and indifferent.

    The pizza is “authentic,” but not much better than Redrocks or Maroni’s. i’d much rather eat comfortably at Redrocks, chat with a friendly server, sip a beer, and enjoy pizza that’s nearly as good.

  • The pizza is great.

    Every comment here about the self-entitled parents with brats is dead-on. This place makes day care look quiet. Even the bar and upstairs are no longer sanctuaries from the pint-sized crowd. I’ve been going there for many years and will be looking for a new place, it’s just become way too “family friendly”.

  • I just got back from my first trip to 2 Amys. The wait was over an hour, the bar area was way crowded, and the pizza was disappointing. I ordered a Santa Brigada (I think that’s what it was called). Holy arugula overload. I had a mountain of arugula on my pizza. I shrugged my shoulders and took a bite and couldn’t even taste the pizza. Might as well have ordered a salad. After I took off a good portion or the arugula I was sad to see a soggy center (someone mentioned this already). My two friends (who ordered something different) also had soggy syndrome. We all shook our heads and wished we’d have gone to Pizzeria Paradiso instead.

    Fresh, quality ingredients doesn’t always equal good food if your cooks do a half-assed job.

    As far as kids go…we were seated around 10:15pm so there weren’t really any kids present. Even if there were I don’t understand the problem. Kids are kids. We are all one of them. In fact if I were the kids I’d be pissed at my parents for taking me to 2 Amys and not Chuck E. Cheese.

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