Interesting/Random Exhibit in Building For Lease

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This building is located at 1541 14th Street and used to house the international book store. I was surprised to see some random art exhibited there. I think it’s a pretty cool idea.  I remember one of the buildings a little further south on 14th Street had a video art display for a while before the building was completely renovated.



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  • Thanks for re-opening old wounds.

    Man, I miss Candida’s World of Books. Seeing the place gutted and reduced to serving as a glorified knick-knack case is just depressing.

  • darn – I had heard Candida was a neat bookstore and figured I would eventually check it out — it’s closed? What locally-owned bookstores are left in DC other than Kramerbooks and Politics and Prose?

  • dc_chica: there are the bookstores at the colleges (american, catholic, gallaudet, georgetown, GW, trinity, howard), capitol hill books, the bookstore at busboys and poets, second story books, idle times books, chapters, bridge street books, the brian mackenzie infoshop, the world bank bookstore, and a few other little places.

    plenty of specialty stuff out there other than the big ones you’ve heard of.

  • Thanks for the suggestions — I wasn’t thinking about used bookstores when I posted, but I’ve been to most of the places you mentioned. Used books probably fit my budget better these days anyway! fyi, Chapters is no longer where it used to be (I walked by there just the other day), according to their website their inventory is in storage while they look for a new location to lease.

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