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  • Ha, I just noticed it the other day…it’s waaaaaaayy up the hill on your left as you cross Rock Creek Park on Porter St, headed to Cleveland Park.

  • Porter Street, east of and down the hill from Connecticut in Cleveland Park, no? I was always curious how they got their stuff up there, since there doesn’t seem to be any access road to the house.

  • I have been in that house and there are a few others like it on top of that hill. The access road is right off of Klingle Rd. The views are amazing.

  • that is just about as awesome as it gets

  • That is true modern architecture.

  • Herb, Was it or was it not a Journalist’s house? It was rumored to belong to two different journalists…

  • If you guys like this house, you should check out Davenport St., just SW of Broad Branch Road. Travis Price (architect) has a cool suspended house you can see from the road, and there are a bunch of other nice modern places there. They’re very fun to check out!

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