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DSCN4382, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Anyone recognize this gem from 15th Street near Meridian Hill/Malcolm X park? It sorta just jumps out from nowhere. Wicked fresh.


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  • It’s not a house but rather apartments/condos. I have always loved it though. It’s a Spanish villa-esque building tucked into a little corner on 15h St.

  • Yes! What a gorgeous place to live in a condo. That would be so much fun to see

  • That stretch of 15th used to be quite shady when my girlfriend lived in the tall apartment building across the street 9 years ago, but that condo building always looked good. I used to admire it even then.

  • It’s actually a coop. My husband and I looked at one of the units in the summer of 2006 – the end one in the first photo above, I think, or the next one in. It was nice, but needed work, the overall layout was a bit odd, and we weren’t thrilled with having the bedrooms on the first floor/semi-below ground level and the living space above.

  • Those trees are absolutely GORGEOUS in the summer! Its nothing but pink blossoms.

  • My understanding is that it was built to house artists in the 1920’s which is why the spaces can be very quirky

  • I looked at one of the coop units about 10 years ago…2800 square feet….huge cathedral ceiling in the living room…a little tired but super cool…was on the market for $250k….I passed on it….kickin myself now!!

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