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DSCN4430, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’m digging the paint job and the slate steps. How much do you think it costs to put in slate steps like that? Also much respect for the window unit, cause that’s how I roll as well. Solidarity!

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  • Slate isn’t too expensive so I would imagine it wouldn’t be too bad. Though it would probably take longer then bricks unless somewhere sells very uniform slate pieces that didn’t require any cutting. Plus slate tends to vary more in shades of slate then brick does in brick [Does that make sense?] which means you will probably want to pay attention to where you are putting certain pieces.

    Of course this is all just speculation and its possible that I am completely off.

  • I like that they painted the handrail on the steps- that’s a good idea that I’ll have to remember. I don’t like the plain black railing fresh from the hardware store, but I haven’t seen many nicer alternatives- this would be an inexpensive way to go.

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