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  • This is an amazing property. The owners have done a significant amount of exterior work over the past couple of years including stripping paint off the brick, having the slate roof done (Maggio did the work), the trim painted, the iron work, landscaping, and fountain.

  • You need to start a new feature called “Castle of the Day!” That is a gorgeous property.

  • This house is bit over the top. Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful! But what’s with the double fence? Is the a compound or a home? And what’s with that huge light fixture near the garage? Where is the humility in a neighborhood that is coming of age?

  • dcfellow: wtf? coming of age? what the heck do you mean by that? and what garage??!?

  • Actually, there is a garage, although you can’t see much of it in pics. I think the light fixture being referred to might be courtesy of DC gov.

  • That light would not be a gift of the DC government. They are not in the business of decorating someones lawn.

    Coming of age or coming into it’s own, gentrified, pick your term for a neighborhood that has been up-and-coming for decades now.

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