Holy Awesome: Rotating Stuffed Animals


I was delighted to see this stuffed duck and then I thought man that window looks familiar. Sure enough back in July it hosted a stuffed chicken. Sweet. I’m dying to know what’s next. Will they stick with fowl or branch out to other barnyard animals. Personally I think the chicken can’t be beat…


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  • Are you sure that’s the same window?

  • Yeah, PoP, not to burst your bubble but looking at the two photos the first has a fence, which pretty much lines up with the bottom of the glass on the window. The first also has a wall at the bottom left of the photo and the second has a bush. Additionally, the first photo seems to have a mantle of some sort to the right in the window, and the second doesn’t. I guess it’s possible that these people have done a lot of renovations since July, but it seems highly unlikely.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ugh, now I’m going to have to go back and check! Notice though the brown trim of the window. It is possible that the chicken was in the left window and the duck is in the right window… You make good points, I’ll double check. At any rate – enjoy the stuffed duck!

  • Wow, good eye for detail, previous posters. I was going to argue a different point: while the chicken looks stuffed, the duck actually looks exactly like a night-light I had as a kid that was, literally, a life-size plastic, glowing duck/goose (check back after dark, PoP). See how it has green between its legs and looks sorta plasticky? My theory is, one neighbor coveted his neighbor’s awesome taxidermied (sp?) chicken (where does one get one of those??) and retaliated with his plastic goose in a scornful, sour-grapes type gesture….and there ends my speculation. I feel much better, thank you.

  • u street girl busted pops bubble but….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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