Holy Awesome: Petworth Getting A New Coffee Shop

Sneak Peak, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is phenomenal news. I am so psyched to announce that Fresh off the Roast Coffee will be opening up a brick and mortar shop on Georgia Avenue! The exact address can’t be announced yet because it is still undergoing the permitting process but it will be close to the metro. The owner, Joel, expects the store to open as early as mid-December but more likely in January. I’ll obviously keep everyone updated. Above you can find a layout of what the store will look like. I’ll also post pictures as they become available. Finally a proper coffee shop!

Ed. Note: Full disclosure Fresh off the Roast is a PoP advertiser. By the by do you want me to continue to add this disclosure every time I post news about a spot that is a PoP advertiser?

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  • Sweet news. I will be looking forward to this.

    And, yes. I think that the disclosure is a good due-diligence thing.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Cool. Will continue with the disclosures. I just wanted to make sure folks didn’t find it annoying.

  • Fantastic! And I wish them the best of luck – hope they can survive even after the Caribou Coffee (?) comes (if it comes) to the new building on top of the metro.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    As far as I know, it is Mocha Hut that is slated to come not Caribou.

  • soooo exciting!

  • i like the full disclosure notice… you can never have too much transparency and truth, especially in this city.

  • Oh man, close to the metro = close to my apt = bliss! 🙂

  • ok, so looking at the floorplan…it definitely looks like the coffee shop is in a rowhouse. so if it will be on Georgia, is it north of the Petworth metro or south??

    my random guess, knowing nothing about this, would be Georgia between Randolph and Shepherd, on the east side of the street (many rowhouses zoned commercial).

  • Please oh please by near our house!

  • Oh, happy day. This is great news!

  • Don’t forget the good coffee at Beveragemania. Or is that too far north for most of the commenters here….?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I think most folks know I’m a big fan of Beveragemania. However, and it saddens me to say this, the non drip coffee I’ve had there is not very good at all. I hope it gets better, I really do. But the latte I had was nearly undrinkable. They are such nice people that I really do wish them much success.

  • Just look at the POP advertisements and I’m wondering what a “diaper cake” is.

  • ….sounds shitty.

  • I just stumbled on to POP, and am knocked out with the items of interest about my former neighborhood to the North—grew up in Park View, (20’s to 40’s} but spent a lot of time in Petworth.
    Does anyone remember the St. Gabriel’s carnivals? Or the summer days spent on the grounds of what was then called “Soldier’s Home”? Bialek’s Drug Store, corner of Upshur and Ga. avenue?

  • … and now it’s time for some coffee shops and such to come to Kennedy Street. North Petworth people are people too. 🙁

  • where????


  • PabloMa: i agree but Lily’s has re-opened at Colorado and 14th too fyi

  • Yehhhhhhhhhhh! A new coffeeshop! Life is grand. The economy is in the tank and you fuckers can’t wait to get in line for $3.00 cup of brew.


  • we can’t wait to pay $3 for a good latte and to support a local job or two or three. providing an income stream to persons in a community ravaged by concentrated poverty and disinvestment. brilliant!

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