Hmm, Why’d They Move Their Door?


I thought this was an interesting site. Many of the houses have the same layout but one house decided to move it’s front door from the front level to the bottom level. What’s the advantage in that? Here’s what the neighbor’s looks like:


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  • Certainly looks like they took a rowhouse with a separate-entrance English basement and just renovated it into one big house w/o the lower rental unit. Using the lower of the two doors was probably the way to do it that least disrupted the existing floorplan and maximized the useful space on the first/street-level floor. Hopefully they don’t have problems with the basement flooding!

  • houseintherear

    I love the new placement of the door. It opens the house so much… but it does lose a bit of it’s classic DC rowhouse-ness.

  • Thats just a bad idea. Even if they dont have problems with the basement flooding, when they do go to sell every buyer is going to be thinking that.

  • They reduced the value of their house significantly and I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if their realtor made them put it back prior to sale.

  • I bet it adds so much more light to the space, especially the lower level. Not a bad idea at all.

  • Seems like it adds uniqueness and charm. Kind of thing you see in Georgetown all the time. Naysayers around here all want to live in cookie cutter homes. God forbid they every become real estate agents.

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