Happy Thanksgiving!


I couldn’t find a cool Happy Thanksgiving sign so this’ll have to do. Safe travels and good eats. Don’t forget to take some photos for the Thanksgiving Photo Contest and email them to [email protected] Catch you all next week.

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  • do any religions not celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • On the southeastern corner of Kansas Ave and Taylor Streets, right? And the sign is up all year long.

  • Thats the one you are thinking of Toby (but it’s at SE corner of Randolph and Kansas, not Taylor). I haven’t seen the lights on yet this year. Maybe tonight will be the first night?

  • And we need to give the folks in that house a group hug, as when I was walking the dog last week, a guy walked out in full military gear including a fully packed backpack, clearly on his way to redeployment right before the hoidays. The folks in that house also grow a great amount of veggies during the summers.

  • That sign has been up since they moved in…I would say late 2001! And it likely will be lit very soon. RD – enjoy!

    Their first year in the house they grew an amazing crop of corn! They are very good at rotating the crops as well. One year they had tomatoes out the wazoo!

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