Good Deal or Not? Reader Request


This home is located at 1909 8th Street, NW.

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The flier says:

“Great price for a large home in U Street. Brick Row home 2 blocks f/metro & U street 3 bedroom 1 bath w/ basement. Large living and dining room VERY tall ceilings and lots of windows. Basement could be easily finished. Large rear deck and yard. Nice opportunity for someone to find a good deal in a good neighborhood.”

More info and photos found here.

I like the location but I’m a little hesitant because there is only one bathroom. What do you think – does $529,900 seem reasonable for a whole house at this location?

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  • Funny I was at the zipcar lot yesterday and was standing having a conversation right in front of this house. Looks like a decent property expect im not to crazy about that block. you’ve got those three big vacant lots as neighbors, which are eyesores now and you have no idea what type of businesses or housing could be developed on those lots in the future. Kind of a gamble if you ask me. and street parking in the immediate area already seems like it would be a royal pain if you own a car. Plus no finished basement. If you could talk the seller down into the high 400s it might be worth rolling the dice on this one.

  • I’m always wary when they give you more close-up pictures of the furniture than of the actual rooms themselves. And yeah, it seems like it should have at least a half-bath. I’m guessing this probably isn’t a good deal.

  • I go with Matt. Add to that all those pictures of the hallway and stairwell. My first thought is that this was a flipper-special. No personalization (art, knickknacks, ) at all, odd staging (see the bed with the throw and tray), etc.

  • The photos struck me as odd, too. So narrow it made me think the home is cramped.

  • I’ve been inside it a couple times. It’s actually much larger than it looks from the outside, with large rooms, but the basement is partial, not full. It’s in livable condition but it has some weird elements, like the ceilings and the walls are stucco’ed. (Did I mention how much I hate interior stucco). The yard has great potential (the one next door is adorable). I think the neighbors are trying to re-open the alley behind the yards so there might even be possible parking at some point.

    Given that a Marriott is being built on the corner and other surrounding development on the way, it could be a cool spot in the near future.

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