Good Deal or Not?


The flier for this home at 3700 13th Street, NW says:

“Beautiful, stylish Home waiting for the right family. 4 spacious bedrooms, 3 1/2 newly remodeled bathrooms, new roof, new windows, new hardwood floors, recently updated kitchen w/ all new appliances and brand new whirlpool front load W/ D. Close to restaurants, USA Mini Mall and shops. Enjoy all the festivities in the area. Includes up to $20,000 in Closing/Down Payment Assistance.”

You can find more info and photos here.

Sound pretty good, yeah? I like that it is on the end of the row and has a whole side of windows. Does $549,999 sound reasonable?

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  • Not a good deal. living room looks really small. You cand find a wider row home in the neighborhood if you have $550k to spend, or the same size rowhouse for much cheaper.

  • Do these people want to sell this house?? Cause it is junky as all get out, according to the photos and I would be upset if these were the photos used to highlight my house in the Web during a down market. Or any market, really.

  • For $550k, one might expect central AC. It might do the homeowner some good to declutter their house, then retake their virtual tour pics.

  • It’s not an awful deal, looks like an okay renovation. But seriously? Put away your damn dishes!! It’s hard to tell what it looks like because there’s so much junk everywhere. Their realtor is brain damaged. And end-units are not necesarily an advantage unless you have a big yard around it. Being smack against an alley is a liability when people drive drunk into your house or fence or lawn.

    But @Anono, I challenge you to find a a bigger house that’s renovated (and not a sh*t renovation) in CoHi for less than 550K. Show me the listing. I want to believe you, I’ve just never seen one.

  • This house is not in columbia heights. here is another Petworth house, and it’s listed at $400k. Very nice inside, 3 levels above ground, and has a great kitchen:

  • anono@ 5:09, that house on 8th Street is smack dab on a huge intersection between N.Hampshire, Quincy, and 8th. Not to mention right next door to an apartment building. Not exactly desirable, but I guess thats why they’ve reduced the asking price by almost $125k since it was originally listed.

  • They’ve actually reduced it $175k since originally listed (at 575k)

    yeah, it sucks being next to an apartment building and along new hampshire, but it’s just one example of a cheaper renovated house. there is no chance the original house will sell for 550k in this market.

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