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I’ve been looking for titles 31, 32 of the Burns Indiana Statutes for over six years now. When I saw this box I thought I hit pay dirt. Ach, what a brutal disappointment to see only Titles 29, 30. I guess I got there a bit too late…

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  • I”ve been looking for a good place to give away some books myself (they’re definitely more interesting than those in the photo). Anybody know where I can donate them?

  • Donate them to me…well actually I collect books and take them to miriam’s kitchen a homeless soup kitchen. They always need book. i can come and pick them up if you want ([email protected])

  • Why would a SOUP kitchen need BOOKS?

  • Seriously? You’re looking for these? I bought two of them, as props for a show, at the Salvation Army near Laurel, MD. I wish I could recall what numbers they were. How much do you want them? If you’re able to make it up to Baltimore, there’s a free book exchange there:

  • Methinks the prince doth jest…

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