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This would be a pretty bad way to go out. But then again if you go out like this you could become a finalist for the Darwin Awards…

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  • I have a friend who lives in that building and when I first saw this sign I took like a bajillion pictures of it.

    The Stick Figures in Peril (flickr pool), completely unuseful Stick Figures, and Stick Figures of Dogs Pooping are my favorite sorts of signs.

  • As slow as these gates move you would have to be nearly dead already to not realize you were in jeopardy. What has me freaked out are the new cars that are advertised with windows that close during an impact. I mean that would have to close pretty quickly to have any affect on safety. I envision sitting at the light on a nice day with your arm out the window when BAM someone hits you from behind and your arm is laying on the road.

  • saf

    Wow, that’s really poorly written.

  • saf

    That is, the sign, not the PoP post, is really poorly written.

  • drewlove, i thought the same thing! my window is down whenever im in my truck (i have the year round left arm farmers tan to prove it) and all i could think about was having it severed from the damn window flying shut. that thought is scarier than the wreck, imo

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