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The knocker sealed the deal. I love me some lobster. An odd question to ask under door of the day but where is the best place to lobster in DC?

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  • I wait until October when Clydes (Old Ebbit, etc) has their lobster special, one for 18.95, two for 28.95.

  • And until Chef Girard left Girard’s Place, he had the best in the city, but you needed a $50 spot to buy it. He’s now eatching at a local culinary academy. Anybody know which one and whether he has yet given up his lobster recipe?

  • Alas, the second lobster at the Clyde’s group is no longer a mere 10 bucks more — this year it was, I believe an additional $15 or $16. Basically no discount, same price but you didn’t get the slaw and fries!

    I was sooo upset.

  • There is a lobster pot pie on the menu at the Daily Grill, but they were sold out last night!

  • I’ve never been, but I think Tacklebox in Georgetown has lobster rolls, as well as an actual box that includes a lobster and all the fixin’s.

  • Tacklebox does have lobster rolls, they’re good. I don’t know, being a New England gal none of the places around here hold up, really. Want a great lobster? Go to Maine.

  • If you loves you some lobsters PoP, consider Belize for your next vacay. Lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner there — esp. in the south.

  • I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who travels to Maine for work at least twice a year and can bring back $5 lobsters (or something ridiculously low like that). I’m unlucky enough not to care that much for lobster. Does the fish market in SW ever sell lobster?

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