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DSCN4464, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Also nice stone work plus I’m a huge fan of the condo name – The Mendota. I neither know what it means nor what it is referencing but I know one thing – it’s classy.



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  • Mendota is a lake in Madison, Wisconsin. Could that be it?

  • I’m from Wisconsin and grew up hearing all sorts of things about what the different lakes around Madison were named for, so this piqued my curiosity. Initial googling turned up a mish mash of unsourced junk. The Dane County Office of Lakes and Watersheds, the most reliable source I could find, states that Mendota was named for the Chippewa word for “great” or “large,” which makes sense as it’s the largest of the four lakes around Madison. It could very well mean “meeting of the waters” or “mouth of the river” or “gathering place” like those other sites claimed, but unless you know someone who speaks fluent Chippewa we may never know for sure.

    It’s fun, but a bit frustrating, isn’t it?

  • Chippewa – Monona = Sunrise, Mendota = Sunset, though it might be the other way around

  • Those are some of the most beautiful condos around – very, very elite – lots of woodwork, transoms, high ceilings, big windows, courtyard garden, tilework, services galore just to start. Pets not allowed, which combined with our meager incomes ruled us out at the get-go. Worth looking at for sheer esthetic pleasure, though!

  • The building is actually a co-op, not a condominium. Just to pick nits. 🙂 And 2220 20th St is a mouthful.

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