Did Anyone Check Out The Photos From Foto Week Yet?


I think Pix tour and Foto Week is super cool. The above photo, titled Work Permit by Pat Padua, is from the window of Wonderland. If anyone has checked it out – what’s been your favorite spot?

The Fixation opening event on Friday night was also really fun. Anyone attend this event at 1250 9th St. NW?


Plus they had some sweet murals:


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  • I checked out FotoWeek at a nice art gallery in Anacostia, of all places.

  • Thanks for the shout-out PoP, and nice to see you on Friday night. I actually helped Molly Ruppert put together PixTour and curated Pat’s photos at Wonderland that you note here.

    Just to throw this out there, I’m doing a little informal PixTour Crawl of the sites that Ten Miles Square curated on Tuesday night. We’ll start at Red Rocks (Marie Kwak) at 7pm, head to Wonderland (Pat Padua), then head down to U Street to see the work at Velvet Lounge (Angela Kleis), Nellies (James Calder), and finally DC9 (Jack Whitsitt and Paivi Solonan). Most of the photographers will be with us, and anyone is welcome to come with us or meet up with us at any of the venues.

    Also, Nate, that would be Honfluer Gallery, a pretty great spot down there that deserves the attention!

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