Dear PoP – What Are Your Experiences Ordering Delivery?

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“Not to start another argument about the best Chinese in the city, but last night we tried to order from Great Wall Szechuan House and were told we live too far away. The woman on the phone did not seem moved by the fact that they did deliver to us just a few weeks ago. Now, we are too far. We actually live in Park View, closer to them than Petworth and I know they have delivered to Petworthians. Did we not tip well enough last time? Are they anti-Park View? Was I just hungry and frustrated?

I don’t want to miss my chance at enjoying their spicy eggplant on my couch…”

I think it probably depends on the night. Maybe they were super busy last night but not a couple of weeks ago. I definitely find ordering delivery a frustrating process. Kind of like catching a cab home. Seemingly a bit arbitrary for sure. Some cabbies have no problems taking me home and some bolt like they’ve seen the devil himself. As for your experience, I’d just try them again another night. If they still don’t deliver you may want to go down to the store itself and introduce yourself. Kill ’em with kindness.

What do you guys think – have you had experiences ordering delivery where they deliver one night but not the other?

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  • As much as I prefer home-style to chain restaurants when It comes to reliable delivery its hard to beat a restaurant that has corporate hierarchy scrutinizing its daily business operations. A home-style restaurant that offers delivery will always get my business first as they are able to offer new and different options that come from the loving culinary muscles of those who work there. That being said, if the delivery driver (who may also happen to be the cook, dishwasher, and manager) isn’t feeling up to delivering to the belly of the beast then we Petworthians and other NW folk don’t have much options other than calling around to their competitors for nummins and letting the offending business know that their inconsistent business model has driven our patronage to business x – y or z.

  • My new favorite delivery: Siam House from Cleveland Park. The thai is damn good and they are SO NICE.

  • I had also heard that Mr. Chen’s in Woodley Park delivered to Petworth, but when I called they said no. I think our only hope is that restaurants in Columbia Heights will start delivering, or once we get more restaurants in Petworth. Until then Moroni Bros is the only place I’ll ever call.

  • We always call Hong Kong, which I think is on GA Ave (don’t know, we always get carry out from there). It’s not gourmet, but it’s fresh and hot and the driver doesn’t get lost. We’ll call them when we don’t want to cook and want Chinese. They also take credit cards. 829-7900

  • The Manny & Olga’s at 14th and T told me they’d only deliver to my hood if I oredered 100 pizzas. I think they were serious.

    Whatever happened to the Manny & Olga’s that was supposed to be coming to Petworth?

  • Sala Thai on U St suddenly refused to deliver to us (3600 block of 13th) after previously delivering several times without complaint. I never loved their food anyway so they just lost our business. Our house seems to be in a particularly frustrating location – just barely too far north to get delivery from places on U St that will deliver to lower CH; slightly too far east for any place in Cleveland/Woodley park. Although none of the pizza places in AM or on U seem to have a problem coming up here…

  • Chix told me they would deliver to Petworth on sort of a trial basis, since they just started delivering and haven’t narrowed down the range. Next time I get Chix I think I’m going to to do that so as not to risk finding another person sitting in my car with the window broken stealing things.

  • I think they need to make business decision every day or even an even every hour whether to take a delivery order from client who leaves a bit from their normal delivery zone in order to avoid two risks.

    1) Customer complaint of delivery time (of course when they are busy with it will longer time to deliver the food to the client who leaves far.
    2) Customer complaint of food temperature (of course when they traveling with the food at longer distance the food will get cold, especially during winter.)

    Not everyone, but some clients, would not understand the situation under which they were not able to provide good service, but they will hold on to the principal that restaurants are liable to provide the hot food with in reasonable time.
    In worse case they probably, at the door, will refuse to accept the delivery, and will not pay for it.

    Yes, you may say that some time they took order and sometimes they don’t. Again, the reason sometimes they can take your order even you leave in far is that at that time they probably are not to busy, so that they would be able to deliver your food at reasonable time and the food will stay hot.

  • Oh, I have such a conflicted relationship with Great Wall. The first time I ordered from them, they delivered no problem. The second time, they said I was too far away. The third time, they said they would deliver, but when I called back after waiting an hour and a half for my food, they said they gave up because they couldn’t find my house. SERIOUSLY? A delivery guy doesn’t have a DC map?!? Granted, I live on a dead-end street, but it is well-marked and directly off of Columbia Road. I offered to give the delivery guy directions, but he said no, they weren’t going to come back. I love their food, but I think I have to sever all ties for my own sanity.

  • Sala Thai from U street delieverd once to me at 3600 block of NH. And refused the second time I called. City Lights in Dupont delivers regularly, surprisingly!

  • I live in Petworth and I call The North Sea in Adams Morgan. They deliver beer and wine too!

  • Washington Pizza at 14th & Randolph delivers in the hood, and the pizza’s great.

  • washington pizza is mediocre, but it is great for the price. it’s cheaper if you go pick up and use cash. one thing you have to watch out for is that they will always add a dollar or two onto the price once the delivery driver gets there or you go to pick it up, from what they quoted you on the phone. just have to stand your ground and pay what you are supposed to pay and they’ll cave in.

  • I’ve had Washington Pizza a few times…and it just isn’t good. I’d much rather have Papa Johns if I need a pizza place that delivers in Petworth.

  • My wife and I are converts ever since first trying Great Wall back in September. We can’t get enough of their ma la dishes. If they wouldn’t deliver to us, we would figure out a way to pick it up. My wife wrote about it on her blog,

    Looks like we’ll be eating Great Wall for dinner tonight.

  • Markus: have you called Maroni Bros. for pizza?

  • I actually make jokes about delivery from places on H St. I swear every time I’ve called a place that claims to deliver they’re either “not delivering yet,” “can’t find our driver,” or “stopped doing delivery.” As much as I’m the first one to sing the praises of the world east of North Cap, our delivery options are crap. On the Hill side, there aren’t many options either. I think I might kill for someplace that delivered Indian food.

    However, Taylor Gourmet is now delivering (I was just in today and they wanted me to know – I’ll be doing a post about them for PoP on Monday), so things are looking up.

  • Mr. Chen’s delivered to me once, and then the next time we ordered refused to deliver to Park View and insisted they had never come below 12th St. It was a very frustrating experience.

    So far, I’ve only succeeded in getting Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Taqueria Distrito Federal to deliver to us (but as for Taqueria DF, they came in about 10 minutes for a pretty small order, so I was thrilled).

  • I have sent Pop emails before about the Sala Thai on U street and their arbitrary delivery process. They actually ended up changing their web site because originally they stated that they delivered within a 2 mile radius. When I called them for delivery, they took my order, then said that they didn’t deliver to our address. I pointed our that we lived 1.6 miles away and their web site stated that they delivered within 2 miles, and they never had an answer. Pop was able to get clarification on the issue (unfortunately just changed their claim on the web site instead of actually delivering, but I was very happy that something came out of it).

    We have had Mr. Chen’s deliver to our house in Petworth several times, though. Now I will follow Anonymous @3:32 and call City Lights!

  • Back when I lived a bit closer to the convention center, sometimes Mr. Chens would deliver, sometimes not. Lately, their food has been kind of mediocre so I think I’m done with them anyways.

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