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“Here’s a new discussion thread to ponder and picture:

Certainly there are more important concerns in the neighborhood, but I feel the need to spout off on something and have a picture in my mind that would illustrate my frustration as well…

I am not sure whether you’ve noticed this evening, but the Department of Public Works sent someone out on our streets to post door tags informing many of us that our trash and recycling day will be changing as of December 3. While I very much appreciate the attempt of the Solid Waste Management Administration to keep me posted on changes to my services, I find it unbelievable that the gentleman from the DPW added to our swirling trash storm.

I watched the gentleman carelessly trample through my front garden and casually drop one of the notifications on the lower steps at his feet. Then he continued walking the streets in official attire and DC government patches to litter the neighborhood some more.

Picture: A leaf pile waiting for pick-up heavily mixed with these scattered flyers.

The DPW is not alone. The worker I observed this evening follows suit of newly elected Michael Brown and innumerable pizza joints. Political candidates and local businesses regularly scatter the neighborhood with their menus and leaflets. Is that really what the DPW intended? Is that really what the local candidates or restarraunts wanted? I doubt it. Are these guilty parties concerned with the mess they are leaving on our streets or the environmental impact? I doubt it.

I am all for grass roots organizing and understand the need to “spread the word” for events, coupons, specials, and political platforms. It is hard enough to keep a safe and clean community when residents themselves treat the streets as a garbage can without allowing others to systematically add to the problem. City services, candidates, and local businesses that find it beneficial to pass out materials in our neighborhood should be allowed to do so. They should also be held responsible for the mess and cost associated with the mess that they leave behind.

Previously, I contacted Michael Brown’s campaign office and received no response. I called DPW tonight and will call again tomorrow. I will be submitting my comments to local papers and will continue to support a clean and safe neighborhood, but other voices are needed to make a difference.”

What do you guys think are leaflets a menace?

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  • I totally agree they are a menance. I have watched the Verizon Yellowpages delivery people throw phonebooks on the porches and sidewalks of clearly abandoned houses. I have also seen menus also placed on the same abandoned houses.

  • now that the city council passed a new law yesterday finally mandating fines for littering, we need to see these enforced. if the city hired 100 people to issue tickets for littering, we (the city) would see return on that investment very quickly. if we’re going to have the laws on the books, we might as well do something about the problem.

    of course, those issuing the littering tickets would need to wear kevlar vests and riot gear helmets, because they would be mercilessly abused.

  • At least these serve some useful purpose, though I can’t imagine why they didn’t just stick a flyer through everyone’s mail slot.

    Compare this to the menace of electioneering flyers. Now THAT is something worth getting upset about. Hell, my street was adrift in flyers from some Ward 4 City Council turkey, and I live in Ward 1. Jackasses.

  • While they are at it, they can ticket those guilty of leaving their dog poop behind!

  • we need garbage picker uppers with ticketing power and a simple PSA campaign telling people (esp kids) that litterers are total d*ckwads.

    Jamie. From my time canvassing for Obama, I learned that mail slots, boxes, etc. are for US mail only. Unless delivered by USPS, no political fliers or business fliers can go in there, by law (and fine).

  • Does DPW count as a business? The police stuck something through my mail slot the other day, so i guess that’s more of a guideline than a rule anyway. And according to my exhaustive google research – the law only applies to curbside mailboxes, and does not apply to door slots.

    Actually the police thing was pretty ironic – it was info about the homicide at 11th and Otis and information for families of murder victims. Problem was, it was all in English. The victim was Hispanic. Sigh.

  • The nieghborhood picker-uppers wouldn’t have to give the tickets… they could log the litter and the city could send or otherwise present businesses and individuals a ticket for littering. I single piece of paper is one thing, but a a city block covered with Michael Brown leaflets (2 tossed on each doorstep) is clearly the candidates responsibility. The food places like Dannies, Papa Johns, George’s are clearly the source of their own stuff. And the “trash department” is sadly the obvious source of this unacceptable mess.

  • There was a veritable pile of Michael Brown fliers left on the curb of Decautr, which we passed on our way to vote two weeks ago. Obviously dumped by a careless campaign worker. Convinced me I will never, ever vote for him.

    As for the rest, why not just fashion your flier as a door hanger??

  • We must have had the same guy from DPW drop off the flyer at our house. It was just left on the steps where it could easily blow away, left about 8 feet from our actual door and doorknob. I think the guy was just lazy and stopped going up the porch steps.

    I get pretty tired of all the trash on my walk to the metro, especially the 4000 block of 7th St NW where there’s usually garbage everywhere. Half of the garbage is plastic wrappers for honey buns…I think a lot of it is from neighbor kids walking home from the metro or school.

  • As with most of the other laws in dc – if there’s no enforcement the illegal behavior will continue.

    The truly absurd thing is I heard Chief Lanier [or maybe her predecessor Ramsey] on TV talking about how officers can’t/don’t ticket people for littering because there’s no little box on their noi/ticket books with the correct criminal code. This is utter BS since a)there’s a blank line for ‘other’ on the tickets, b)Officers have little books with dc code in them and c)Officers ask each other what the code/fine is for various infractions over the radio all the time.

    I think the bottom line is like enforcing basic traffic laws, the enforcement of quality-of-life things like littering, drinking in public, etc are considered petty by most officers and there’s the general sense that enforcing such crimes is beneath them and that they do ‘real police work’ and make ‘big arrests’. I’m not sure if this is a top down thing, or something most officers pick up from the general culture of MPD, but I’ve heard this from several current and former MPD folks that were ‘good neighborhood cops’.

  • Odd…the felons that DPW exclusively hires don’t abide by the law. Big surprise there.

    There’s a reason so many people think DC is a joke; from the top right on down, those under the employ of the city run the gamut from lazy bums to crooks. There’s not any job shortage here; the labor pool is inarticulate and inept.

  • while we are on the subject of trash…why doesnt the trash get picked up on the specified date a lot of the time? It’s annoying to have to leave the cans out in the alley until they get around to picking it up.

  • part of the reason i didnt vote for michael brown was the amount of trash he created in the neighborhood, i felt like there were flyers everywhere…
    and yea, this campaign by dpw isnt much better.
    and why do i still see campaign posters around? shouldnt the candidates have taken them down a week ago or more? i sure as hell will never vote for patrick mara cuz he’s the worst in certain neighborhoods.

  • I don’t know. It’s still better than when they changed the street near me from 2 way to One Way with NO NOTICE. That was crazy for a while. We would have appreciated fliers and signs.

  • What I was annoyed with is that I got a notice that my trash collection day is changing, when it isn’t. I’m on the Ward 1/4 border, so the notice went to both sides of the street when it only impacts the north side. Nice. Details are at

  • I think Michael Brown is a menace.

  • Vonstallin

    The only…well biggest issue I have is the same d*mn stores keep leaving the same d*mn fliers on my steps.

    I’m sure they remember leaving the carryout or pizza fliers just 2 weeks ago. I could see if it was loaded with new coupons.

    Ok i will stop my biitching now.
    I’m glad they are starting to issue trash tickets. I live off of Georgia ave new Raymond Elem school and Fenty did a walk thru and issued tickets to houses with extremly trashy yards.

    The main purpose was to help clear out our Rat infestation.

  • I blame the wind.


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