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From the DC Bikes Web site: is a guide to biking in Washington, DC. You can find detailed bike routes for commuting or fun, monitor bike theft in real time, and use our bike Craigslist to shop for equipment. This is a community space meant to make DC more bike friendly. If you have a tip or want to sound off on biking in DC, just add #dcbike to a twitter message and it will show up on the front page of this site. This site was built for the competition. If you like OutsideinDC, vote for it!. The competition closes on Thursday November 18th. The purpose of the competition is to show what great community tools – like this site – are possible when governments open up their data and let people use it. OutsideinDC is built entirely on open source software and is the only app in the competition to be 100% open source.

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  • This is an awesome idea but are there street names on the map routes? I can’t seem to get them to display. Anyone else having trouble seeing street names?

  • Thanks for the feedback and glad you like the site! We kinda ran out of time building this for the Apps for Democracy contest to get street names working in a way we liked, but it’s definitely something we want to get right on the site. Hopefully it’s still useful and interesting, even without street names.

  • I think the maps read well without text as an interesting graphic. One good thing about the layout of DC is you can pretty much figure out which streets are where based on the diagonals and other neighborhood cues.

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