Condos on 7th Street Get Painted

DSCN4566, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

These were the buildings where a wall fell down. Then the wall was fixed with miss matched bricks. So which do you like better – original or painted?


For the curious a reader had previously written:

“FYI – there are two condo buildings being developed on 7th street between Shepherd and Randolph. I think you profiled these two boarded up buildings in a previous post. In any event, I bumped into the developer on my walk to the metro. He was a nice gentlemen and said that he grew up in the neighborhood. According to him the condos should be finished in about 8-10 months. He said each unit will have two bedrooms.”

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  • After the wall collapsed on one of them, I’d say you’d pretty much have to paint them…

  • They had to paint them since the replaced brick did not match however, that bilious green looks like DCPS surplus paint. What a bummer when right around the corner on the 500 block of Randolph there are 2 houses painted with some imagination and flair.

  • Look nice. Nice shade of green. Decent windows. Like the the little porches. All in all a nice stage for the building to move through.

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