CommonWealth – Kids Eat Free For Lunch


This seems like a nice special. CommonWealth is located at 1400 Irving St NW near the Columbia Heights Metro. They now have a “Stroller Special” which consists of:

“11:30am to 4pm

Kids under 6 enjoy a plate of cheese, pigs in a blanket, sliced fruit and chips.

Parents enjoy a free half-pint!”

So now that CommonWealth has been around for a while – what’s the word? Is it still super crowded? Have you discovered any meals that are solid? What’s the best beer?

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  • Scotch eggs!

  • Fantastic cask-conditioned ales.

  • Vonstallin

    I wonder if I shave and walk in on my knees if i can pass for a kid? lol
    I love how my neighborhood have changed.

    I was born n raised here in Petworth/Columbia heights, and this is the best i’ve ever seen it.

    Ok, who’s going to push me in a stroller? lol

  • Great fish and chips. Scotch eggs are delicious, too. Also, I love that they have Bulmer’s on tap.

  • I was disappointed with my steak and oyster pie a few weeks back. The beef was tough and the oysters were woefully soggy (not in a good way). Plus, I was expecting a pie, not a piece of puff pastry balanced on top of my paltry meat and oysters.

    And for this they charged $16.

    However, the beer was really good, the server was very friendly and attentive, and a bite of my friend’s fish ‘n chips showed me the way for next time. Also: Loved those pickles!

  • P.S. Forgot to mention that the butterscotch pudding was AMAZING. Just stay away from teh steak and oyster pie.

  • I’ve been there twice. The service is great. I also really like the atmosphere. However, the food and beer is way overpriced. Outside of happy hour (which to be sure still isn’t that great of prices), I don’t think I would go again anytime soon. And I am saddened to say it.

  • I guess its nice that they have a ‘Stroller Special’, but if I’m out and about and see Yipsters with their kids running around an adult bar, I’m skipping it.

  • I went there for brunch a few weeks ago and was VERY disappointed. We wanted to try the Scotch eggs but they were out, so we settled for the Frog in a Puff appetizer. These were pigs in a blanket, 4 for $7. I also fell victim to the very disappointing steak and oyster pie for the same reasons that eva mentioned. Overall the food was tastey but very overpriced for very small portions. We left after paying a $60 bill for 2 and I had to stop at McD’s on the way home since I was still hungry.

  • We liked it a lot, have been back, and will go again. Agree with the Scotch eggs. And the fish and chips. It was a bit pricey. But we would still go back. I think the stroller ideas is great way to get mid-day traffic during the week, and I know for a fact that the folks pushing the strollers need the chance to go out, meet with other co-horts, and have a mid-day beer.

  • The fish and chips are great!

  • I went once with an out of town friend on a Thursday night, and apparently the waiters were not sure who was supposed to have our table (I am not making this up, we witnessed a bit of a disagreement) one waiter took our drink order and another took our food order. Everything took ages to get to the table — including the check, which took at least 15 minutes, probably longer, to get there after our plates were cleared. The food was pretty decent (I had the veggie shepherd’s pie) , but not worth the wait.

  • The fish and chips are rubbish. Pleased it was such a tiny portion, as I could not stomach a meal-sized plate of that disgusting food. Service was typical hipster space-cadet. Commonwealth is even worse than The Heights.

  • This Sunday, we walked in around 12:30pm (after trying to get into The Heights) and had no problem with getting a table. I agree, the Scotch Eggs and Fish & Chips are great, although the Pot Pie is pretty good too. I’ve also had the London Broil and it was delicious. All-in-all, I think it is a great addition to CH and I’m glad for more food options.

  • good service & food, but not cheap

  • p.s. nice outside area

  • The fish and chips are great but both times I have had inconsistent service. Each time the waiter seemed to know someone at another table and spent most of the time standing there chatting avoiding eye contct.

  • I will not frequent someplace that charges extreme prices for beer and substandard food. I could care less if this is the next “hipster hangout”. Hanging out at a fake English pub (which it fails) does not give you street cred. It’s like hanging out at Ruby Tuesday and paying $$$ for your slop. That’s just my two cents.

  • glad to have it in the hood and enjoy the beer but the food is unbelieveably overpriced! i paid $16 plut tax and tip for a chicken pot pie and i was still hungry – and i’m a girl!

  • vanstallin – for the free half-pint to the parent, I’ll push your stroller. but I draw the line at changing your diaper.

  • Went once and was excited that they had at least one good vegetarian option. I did chuckle that they list a UK Pint and a US Pint, with the former being what I’d like to pay for a beer and the latter being the amount I want to drink of a beer. Overall, good spot.

  • $30 for a bottle of Orvieto. That’s all you need to know.

  • It’s safe to say that I’m at the bar pretty much all the time. It’s my other condo. The bar staff is totally fun and they tolerate my quirks. I love them. The mashed potatoes are my current reason for living. PoP, I still owe you that beer.

  • Went there for the first time on Saturday. Delicious sausages. Vegetable tikka was surprisingly good. Jever on tap. This is the first place in DC I have yet to find this. Now when my German beer snob friends come in town I have a place to take them.

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