Cleveland Park Finally Getting In On Some Positive Development

DSCN4697, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Back in August after spotting a ridiculous Halloween store, I asked what happened to Cleveland Park? I’m happy to report their mall on Connecticut Ave. that used to house a bagel store has become PR Running Store and another empty storefront has become a frozen yogurt spot.

Ed. Note: The title is intentionally ironic… 



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  • awww…that bagel shop was awesome and now it’s a running shop? sad.

  • The bagel shop was dope and its loss was greatly mourned in CP. You can get the same bagels at Bethesda Bagels just down the block from the Barnes & Noble (if you can stand to go over there…).

  • wow a frozen yogurt shop! that should last…

  • The running shop is actually pretty cool. I was in there two weekends ago and the folks are really nice, really attentive, AND they have a video stride analyzer so they can evaluate you on the spot.

    they’ve also got some pros in there to, so they know how to fit you with the right shoe. I don’t necessarily think they’re better than the fine folks over at Fleet Feet, but it’s a nice specialty store.

  • Georgetown Running Company rules!

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