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IMG00041, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Check out the sign in the top left corner. A reader took this photo above Busboys & Poets on 14th and V Streets. I suspect “Andy” may be a liar of some sorts. Any guesses here? Could it be a bad break up? I believe the owner of Busboys & Poets is named Andy – perhaps there is a bit of a fight going on between some of the folks living above Busboys & Poets and the establishment.

Anyway props to the reader for the good eye.

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  • I think you know the answer to this, and you’re just being coy, PoP, because you have a framework of the details of the story here, but you’re not putting 2 and 2 together.

    Yeah, Andy Shallal owns Busboys, and some of the people in the condos upstairs have been angry with him over garbage removal since the place opened.

  • to that i would just say that people need to use common sense when buying a place. I guess there are a lot of first generation city dwellers in DC who dont take things into account. like. If I buy a unit directly above a restaurant-bar. will it be noisy? will there be rats and trash in the alley? (answer: yes).
    another example. If buy a house on an up and coming commercial corridor is there a chance a wine bar will open within ear shot of my front porch (answer: yes)

  • A friend of mine suggests that Andy’s pants may be on fire due to eating too many bean pies.

  • Whether or not a bar exists below your residence, I think every resident is entitled to expect that their neighbors, bar or not, will get rid of their trash in a timely manner and a sanitary manner. Just being a bar shouldn’t give you a pass.

  • kudos to the creative protest sign!

  • I think DireWolf inadvertently hits the nail on the head in describing the attitude of some of the urban newbies with his use of the word “entitled.”

  • I hope that establishment and their neighbors try to work out their diagreements. and Busboys and Poets is operated by Teaching for Change, address is P.O Box 73038, Washington DC, 20056

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