After A Very Long Time – Nehemiah Shopping Center Demolition Finally Happens!

DSCN4384, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know folks have been super curious to know about when this demolition on 14th near Chapin would occur. So enjoy the above photo.


Speaking of positive development it looks like the Columbia Heights Streetscape project will be starting soon.


That’s a pretty expensive project. But if it looks anything like the model below it is going to be super sweet. So let’s take bets now – when will the streetscape project be completed? 2009, 2010, 2011 or later?

Streetscape Columbia Heights-plaza

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  • While I never lived close to this shopping center, I was threatened many times at the gas station, both figuratively and, yes, literally. For years in the late 80s/early 90s we used to mock it when driving north on 14th. It was a Mayor Barry era embarassment to the city and an affront to American entrepreneurship.

    (I am pretty liberal, but the American small business still is my absolute economic ideal)

  • The boarded up vacant shopping center was such an eyesore, so glad they have finally begun to demolish it.

  • wow looks great…. a landscrape of concrete !

  • 2012.

    What I worry about is whether they will do anything about the sidewalks/street scape North of the project area. It would, to me, make imminent sense to make sure there is not a huge contrast between a shiny shiny new area and the blocks immediately next to it.

  • Yea, I’m not very excited by the design, or even by the decision to put that sort of concept there. Why would anyone sit there when Malcolm X Park is one block away? This is going to be a horribly underused addition to the neighborhood. Retail to connect Columbia Heights to U street would have been more welcome (especially with all those gigantic condo buildings going up there).

  • Looks like another great spot to sell drugs. Sad. I hate to say it, but that sight would have been better off being developed. Sigh.

  • Whoa, for a second I thought you meant they were putting that horrific streetscape where Nehemiah is, but that’s just the silly concrete area by the Metro between Kenyon and Park, right?

    Does anyone know what’s going where Nehemiah is?

  • I think Prince’s putting two different ideas in one post has confused some folks — that design is for the Park Triangle space, NOT the former Nehemiah Center, which is going to be replaced by condos with ground floor retail. So no worries Steve and U. As for that design, I think it is basically OK but I really hope they do all they can to get some more greenery / shrubs / grass in there, because there is very little green anywhere in northern columbia heights as is.

    Agreed that the District has to do more to help 14th Street north of Tivoli. Some quality small businesses are starting to fill in, some signage is starting to improve, and the Allegro opening will help, but it is still a pretty dicey walk up towards Red Derby. Improving the street scape to bring it in line with what is being done elsewhere on 14th would really help.

  • i spent a day with dc fems while they “practiced” tearing the place to pieces several months ago. the inside of the place was crazy – some stores still had inventory. until they took the steel saw to it, of course.

  • (I am pretty liberal, but the American small business still is my absolute economic ideal)

    I’d like to know what this sentence means. Do you consider liberals anti-small business? If so, why? If not, why make the above statement?

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