You Never Know What You’ll Spot On One’s Porch


How cool, yeah? I wonder if it’s a huge pain taking them down and putting them up? Still, super super sweet.

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  • Great use of space, but given previous entries on this blog about thefts from yards and porches, this is more of a risk than I’d be willing to take. Any signs of security on these things to at least slow somebody down who was hell-bent on stealing them?

  • I am going to guess that most theives would not know what to do with them.

  • Besides every kayaker knows that steeling a kayak is such bad MoJo that you will definitlly die using a boat you stole

  • My guess is that thieves would know exactly what to do with them: sell them.

  • Those weigh about 60-75 lbs and are 16′ long. Too unwieldy for street resale. Also – no paddles.

  • Mmm, kayak porn. I used to keep my ginormous Perception under my back porch roof too. Now my little playboats fit in the basement — standing up!

  • Too unwieldy for street resale. Never underestimate the ingenuity of our local thieves or crackheads.

  • That’s a pretty freakin’ great idea.
    i went with inflatable kayaks because I decided that 16′ rigid plastic kayaks in the middle of the living room might get annoying
    though I do love my inflatable kayak

  • Anyone know where this is? We have a kayak we have nowhere to store (it is too long for our small backyard) and might consider this idea although I think the kayak is too long for our front porch, too. I’d be curious to know what they are using to secure them to the ceiling.

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