Would You Oppose A Gas Station


I noticed this sign when I was walking around the H Street area. (This sign was actually spotted on Maryland Ave a couple blocks away from H Street.) Pretty cool sign by the by. Do you think there is opposition because folks would rather have a grocery store or something like that? Would you oppose a new gas station near your home?

I can empathize. If a new business were coming to near my home I think a gas station would probably be near last on the list next to a wig store…

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  • I agree with a gas station being last on the wish list, but never underestimate the potential growth a wig store would bring to any neighborhood. drag queens would flock to the area bringing with them their hard-earned tips from drag brunch, drag bingo, drag babysitting, etc..

  • I’m guessing it’s because gas stations bring traffic, loitering, pan-handling etc?

    But they also bring taxis, so living near one means never having to call or wait for a cab 🙂

  • Karl Marx would be happy with that sign… or would he?

  • Gas stations bring noise, pollution, giant lights on all the time and often sketchy people hanging out. A friend of mine was looking for a condo on the neighborhood and looked at the Soleil, but the Shell station across the street was an absolute deal breaker. A friend used to live near the Adams Morgan Exxon and the beeping tow trucks backing up all night nearly drove him crazy.

  • This has actually been getting a lot of play lately over at Greater Greater Washington. For example: http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post.cgi?id=1166

    The reasons why it’s being opposed: It goes against the smart-growth “Great Streets” program that’s been pulling for a more compact, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, it makes very poor use of public space, encourages crime, and, well, not to mention that there’s already three gas stations nearby.

  • As someone who has to deal with the Rock Creek Exxon in Adams Morgan on a daily basis I would urge any neighborhood to fight having a gas station located there for all it’s worth. While I realize there is a certain spot in hell for the RC Exxon for the shitty way they treat the neighborhood, and that all gas stations can’t be lumped in with them, still wouldn’t want one, even a brand-spanking new one.

  • And I believe that the inevitable oil/gas spills/leaks at gas stations tend to contaminate the property’s soil. This makes it more difficult to convert the land to a different use in the future, since any new project or developer will have to pay extra to remediate the site before they begin redevelopment.

  • saf

    DC_Chica – indeed, and that has a LOT to do with why the lot on the NE corner of GA and Quincy has sat empty for so long.

  • Isn’t that also the reason why the lot on the corner of GA/NH aves. has been empty? Rumor had it that is was slated to become a Dunkin’ Donuts.

  • that gas station is slated for NE DC. you have no idea how may vagrants 24 hr gas stations attract trash. knife fights, shootings, prostitutes and drug dealers all hang out on these 24 hour gas stations.

    this particular one wants a 24 hr convenience store. not cool.

    it’ll screw up traffic on H street (you know, those folks that forgot to fill up, and make illegal uturns), and attract criminals.

    check MPDC stats to see what 24 hr gas stations have to offer in NE DC.

    not a lot. shootings, prostitution, petty crime.

    come, ye, fellow petworthians, and see.

    and if you really have some balls, help our neighborhood get rid of this dump.\

    i sign your petitions, sign ours.

    let’s clean up this city, promote public transport, and stop catering to the arseholes that abuse our streets.

    we spend a lot of tax dollars for our DC streets, and public transport. let’s stop the suburbanites from screwing up our traffic and creating a magnet for late night crime.

    ask your local cop.

    they’ll agree.

    they know.

    that’s why they wear bullet proof vests in NE DC.


    and if you really give a shit to follow up this post, it’s dc that is going to give/rent the land to a local fool.

    sorry to rant, but us folks up here in NE need all the help we can get!

    and believe me, in the long run, it’ll affect all of DC.

  • I disagree with those posts. I lived catty corner from the BP station at 18th and S for 3+ years. There were no problems and it was nice to be able to catch a cab almost any time. The BP doesn’t seem to have a deleterious effect on any of the neighboring businesses either.

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