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I’m a huge fan of the building on the right (located downtown on G Street). I found the contrast of these two buildings pretty wild. Do you like the contrast or is it too abrupt?

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  • i love big contrasts.. why fake it if you’ve got the real thing right next door?

  • I think its great. We live in the 21st century, not the 19th, and its great that we can preserve historic architecture while at the same time have the confidence to build something new and representative of our own era. This mix is really one of the best parts of living in DC – the mix of the old and new.

    Sometimes new can be terrible (see the 1960s and 70s for a two decade long case study), but I personally think a lot of the modern stuff being built today is of a higher standard design wise, and will stand the test of time.

  • There’s another interesting contrast between the modern building on the left and the 3-story house to its left — I wonder about the need to preserve short buildings in the middle of downtown?

  • I’m generally a fan. I have a great photo I took somewhere in France of a 16th or 17th century house with not a single 90 degree angle left on it, reflected in an all-glass office building across the street. It has made a popular cheapie gift on several occasions. So I’d say my friends like architechtural contrast, as well.

  • Correction: The buildings are on F Street NW. The old building, where I used to work, was the offices of the American Immigration Lawyers Association until they sold it to developer Doug Jemal earlier this year. It’s vacant right now. The building on the left is the Ventana condos.

  • Anyone remember that those buildings are the site of the old 9:30 club? Completely unrecognizeable now. I think the actual building of the 9:30 club is not even there anymore. I love the contrast though.

  • The old 9:30 Club was a little bit to the west of these buildings (just to the right of the alley which you can see at the very right side of this picture), in the Atlantic Building at 930 F Street. The circa-1887 facade (which is very beautiful) is still there, but it’s a modern office building behind. The facade was the only thing that was kept from the original building. As an aside, if I recall correctly, the original Atlantic building (which had eight floors) was the first elevator building in DC.

    As for the short three story building at the left of the picture: that’s also part of the Ventana project.

    Otherwise, I really like the contrast between old and new in this picture.

  • saf

    The 930 was on F St – aren’t these on G?

  • No. These are on F Street.

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