Where Is The Best Spot To Check Out Fall Foliage?


For sure the area in Shenandoah National Park is ridiculously cool. But a little closer to home, it never ceases to amaze me how amazing Rock Creek Park looks. Are there any other spots that are a must see in the DC area?

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  • If you don’t mind the crowds on the weekends Great Falls is a very tame but aesthetically impressive walk in the woods.

  • I second Great Falls. And Cunningham Falls as well. And Sugar Loaf Mountain which is only a 45 min drive from the city, in upper Montgomery County.

    Also, Cabin John Regional park in Maryland is wicked cool.

    And… if you wanna get drunk in the process, I suggest some of the wineries past Leesburg near Harper’s Ferry. Quite a beautiful area, and not even an hour from the city.

  • Sorry for the run-on “And… And…” unreadable post!

  • 3rd for Great Falls- Billy Goat and Difficult Run trails- and getting there via the GW Parkway is scenic too.

  • I like Great Falls, but recommend the locks along the canal that you can access from the Clara Barton Parkway for the less touristy version.

    There are some nice spots in North Montgomery County at Lake Needwood (upper end of Rock Creek Park) and Great Seneca Lake.

    Here are some pics of my recent visit to Greenbelt Lake:

    I believe Greenbelt Lake is Metro accessible.

  • Don’t forget the absolutely fantabulous National Arboretum (www.usna.usda.gov), was just there over the weekend and its grand.

  • the drive up rt 15 north after 270 splits to 15 and 70 is beautiful!!

  • new hampshire.

  • The Gold Cup Races are out in The Plains this Saturday. Traffic is usually bad getting there, but if you leave earlier than everyone else you get all those gorgeous leaves to yourself.

  • Hear, hear, youdontknowme!! I second the National Arboretum! It’s a simply lovely, and literal, breath of fresh air. It’s great to just go and sit in, and it’s very easy to get to. And I’ve never seen its picnic areas crowded.

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