Where Can You Get The Best Steak in DC?


Coming from New York originally, my gold standard is Peter Lugar’s steakhouse. I’ve yet to discover a steak that amazing. But someone was just telling that there is an incredible place somewhere in Rosslyn. Does that ring a bell to anyone?

I’ve had a damn good steak at Morton’s. But are there any hidden gems out there? Where’s the best of the best?

Here were the recommendations for best expensive, BBQ, tapas, bar to watch football, wine bar, Chinese, Latino/Mexican, hidden restaurants, Italian, Sushi, Indian, falafel, Ethiopian, and Middle Eastern.

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  • Ray’s the Steaks in Rosslyn! They also have a hamburger place in the same building, called Ray’s Hell Burgers, that is sooooo good.

  • My vote goes to Charley Palmer’s.

  • Cap Grille. Though Ray’s is the best deal.

  • i had a really good steak at BLT steak at 16th and eye st. nw.
    the sauces and side dishes were excellent!

  • Go to Ray’s The Steaks on Sunday night for their incredible 3-course prix fixe meal for $30. The dry-aged steaks are outstanding. The value is unbeatable.

  • I’m a steak junkie. I can heartily recommend the Brightwood Bistro ribeye or NY strip, they alternate on the menu.

  • The famous one in Rosslyn might be Old Orleans, next to the Baja Fresh near the Metro which used to offer a King Loius XVI cut of prime rib that was around 20oz…I haven’t been there in 10+ years, but its still open as far as I know..

  • “Ray’s the Classics” in Silver Spring is the tops, in my book.

  • Old Orleans closed down. not sure if the demolition has started or not, but they’ll be replacing it with an office bldg that’s slated to be the tallest in rosslyn.

  • Ray’s in Rosslyn, definitely. I hate crossing the river but it’s such a good deal and the quality is amazing.

    As an aside, Orleans House was fairly priceless for it’s environment, but I would never have eaten a steak there. At least not one that wasn’t well done. It shut down twice due to massive grease fires and the food was always pretty scary looking. I used to go there for lunch sometimes when I worked in Rosslyn, you could get a hamburger that came with all-you-can-eat salad bar for $2.75. Cheapest sit-down lunch in town. Worth it despite the risk of food poisoning.

  • From the grill in my back yard!

  • awww… RIP Old Orleans…it was the First place my dad ate when he moved to DC wayyyy back in the day…

    im gonna also vote for charley palmers…yummmmmy…

  • BLT, Cap Grille and Charlie Palmer’s. Mortons is also decent.

  • I have been to Charlie Palmers and Mortons, but the best Filet I have ever had ever, was from Agraria on the waterfront near Sequoia. The filet was HUGE and so tender and juicy. It was free range meat too and the veggie sides were all organic. I honestly don’t care one way or the other about that, but for those of you who do they are all about that there. The filet is only a season item menu but they have it now. I def recommend you get down there before it is too late! Here is the menu http://www.agrariarestaurant.com/pdf/springdinner08.pdf

  • Not sure if it qualifies as a steak place per se, but Fogo de Chao is pretty darn good for when a meat craving hits ya, darn ya.

  • One of the PBS stations (WETA Guide I think) had a dining special on and mentioned Ray’s, Charlie Palmers they talked about the Palm and mentioned the steaks but I don’t think the specifically put it with the steaks bit but more with the fine dining. I want to say there was something else but I can’t remember.

  • At the risk of being heretical, I’d say there are lots of very, very good steaks to be had in this town. Years of dining on someone else’s dime have given me the good fortune to have eaten at most of the big name steak places more than once, and they all pretty much taste the same (damn good) at the end of the day. Really depends on how much wood you want on the walls and who you’d hope to see at the table across the room. Ray’s is probably the most bang for your buck.

  • Anon, you’re right- It’s not trendy to say (because people like to bash rather than compliment), but DC has some of the best steakhouses east of the Mississippi… that’s kind of what we’re known for. An english couple asked me for suggestions on steak houses the other day, and I was able to rattle off about 10 without even hesitating.

  • I do like a good steak, but honestly when will there be a steakhouse that serves reasonable portions. I would for once like to go to one where they serve a normal portion of meat for a normal price – not a side of beef with no sides dishes for an astronomical price and then if you want veg you get a field of broccoli, not a portion. I really think that there would be a market for this type of place.

  • saf

    Cupcake – go to Silver Spring. Sit in the bar area at Ray’s the Classics. Order from the bar menu. You will be happy.

  • The hand-cut steaks at the Caucus Room at 9th and D Streets, NW are awesome (but not inexpensive).

  • @SG – What are some of those 10 places?!?! Ray’s is my go-to…everything else is either super expensive or a chain-type restaurant, at least from what I know. I’d love to know some good local spots.

    Fogo is great when you just want eat meat until it hurts!

  • Rays for sirloin/strip, Cap Grill for aged porterhouse, Prime Rib for watching fifty-something trophy wives and their eighty-something husbands.

    Orleans House was all about the prime rib and that funky steamboat salad bar with the neon dressing. NOBODY uses Green Goddess dressing anymore and it’s a goddamned shame. The steaks were meh; ditto seafood. But you can’t beat the atmosphere. I wish there were more steakhouses like Orleans House and even Blackie’s House of Beef. THAT was one whacky joint, complete with crazy crap on the walls.

  • My fave is Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse on 17th & Q in Dupont. They don’t have the best steaks, but they’re darn good, reasonably priced, and served with 2 sides. The atmosphere is fab, especially in the sunroom — and who doesn’t love a gay steakhouse?

  • Cap Grille is the total package. Rays the Steaks if you want to be frugal and are only about the meat.

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