What’s Your Favorite Fast Food?


I know so many people who are Chipotle devotees. Of course, I’m a well known Taco Bell fanatic. So what’s your poison when you just get that fast food craving? McDonald’s? Chipotle? Taco Bell? Wendy’s? Chik Filet? Arby’s? Does Potbelly’s count? Chop’t? I thought this would be an interesting question given an earlier post…

First person to spell out Arby’s gets a free PoP t-shirt.

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  • America’s Roast Beef, Yes Sir?

  • Spell out Arby’s: A-R-B-Y-S

    You lose colheightsgal… 🙂

  • Carl’s Jr. then Wendy’s then Jack in the Box then McDonald’s then DQ.

  • wtf… first the other nate shows up, and now theres another christopher? and even worse, another christopher that didnt even list 5 guys?

    this blog is now dead to me…

  • I’ll agree with the aforementioned Chipotle… Although the bourbon chicken and Kelly’s Cajun in Pentagon City may as well be crack.

  • Raffel Brothers!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    columbiaheightsgal email me directly so I can get you a shirt!

  • I actually really like McDonald’s Asian Salad, but it may be discontinued. Anyone know?

  • Krystal Burger or Whitecastle… its killing me that of all the damn things in this town neither of those franchises have opened up anywhere remotely close. I’ve also heard that In ‘n’ Out Burger has addictive properties.

  • 1. Pollo Campero 2. White Castle 3. Chick Filet

  • When I stopped eating “Fast food” I lost a blistering 22 lbs. I was getting up to 210 and now I’m under 190. If you’re over 190 and don’t like it, may I suggest NOT BUYING 1600 CALORIE BURRITOS!

  • Does fast food=chain restaurant? I love Ray’s Hellburger but not sure if it qualifies.

  • Baja Fresh, totally.

  • In-N-Out is by far the best fast food chain out there in my opinion. Everything on their menu is super tasty and you don’t feel like crap after eating it because all the ingredients are fresh and not processed. Too bad the closest one is 2500 miles away!

  • Chipotle. For what it’s worth – the Chipotle pictured in Woodley Park is the best in the city. There is slight variation from Chipotle to Chipotle, with, in my opinion, Tenleytown being the absolute worst (inconsistent, often a bit dirty, slow).

  • In-and-Out burgers are pretty tasty but I honestly don’t get the hype, there are other fast food burgers that I like the same if not better. They don’t even have amazing fries either.

    Chipotle is like crack to me, A&W has the best corn dog nuggets ever, 5 Guys french fries are so good dipped in vinegar, Checkers Deep Sea Dive Fish Sandwich is so messy and so fatty with it’s two patties, oh god I want one now! I can’t pick a favorite but I know what my favorites are in any given place.

    I am a fast food junkie.

  • 24 Seven Plus Mediterranean deli on u street

  • in-n-out hands down!

  • chipotle and (non redskin) football go together like sarah palin and fingernail on chalkboard voices.

  • Naan & Beyond (L street near farragut north), IntangibleArts loves you and your cheap samosas with the chili chutney…

  • saf

    Dairy Queen, or A & W.

  • McDonald’s Big Mac. The original, the king. Delicous at the beginning, yet makes you feel sick about the time you are finished with it. What else can one ask from fast food?

    Second, a hot dog or two of almost any kind during a dead boring visit to the museums at the Mall.

  • Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich is the best fast food item.

  • Five Guys Five Guys Five Guys Five Guys

    … and Chipotle. Although El Rinconcito next to Columbia Heights Coffee has the best damned tacos and burritos I’ve had outside of California (and quick too!).

  • I’m partial to California Tortilla. Not only do they have a few tasty, relatively low-cal options, I absolutely love the many hot sauces they have on offer. Some of them are actually hot!

  • Cal Tor. Always.

  • Chop’t, Chop’t, Chop’t.

  • Naan and Beyond, hands down. Paneer tikka + veggie samosa + mango chutney=Bliss.

  • You guys have a really weird interpretation of “fast food”. Five Guys, Potbellys, and the burrito places are as fringe as you can get for fast food…Just because some places are in food courts (naan and beyond) or have quick service (some salvadoran joints) does not make them fast food.

    Fast food = McDs, Burger King, Wendys, Taco Bell, In n Out (drool), Arby’s, etc etc etc.

  • for burgers, i’m all about my little redheaded girl, wendy. for burritos, qdoba detroys chipotle. all you chipotle people should make a trip to one asap (next to e st cinema or in g’town). the meat just has so much more flavor. i have a love for kfc too but try to avoid as much as i can.

  • Chipotle is pretty tasty, but Moe’s wins hands down. For a burger place, Burger King, both for those AWFUL cheesy tots, and because they’re the only one with veggie burgers.

  • Qdoba helped preserve my sanity in grad school back in Kentucky. I’m with j of the jtl on that one. The Arby’s off campus at the University of Kentucky was notable in that if you spent even 10 minutes in the place getting something to go, you smelled like Arby’s funk all day. But the roast beef sandwiches…yum. There’s a chain based in Kentucky called Fazoli’s, which is a fast food Italian place–the most delicious, most bad for you breadsticks ever, and the pasta was pretty good too. There was one across the street from my grad school apartment. Someone at work was eating chili from Wendy’s today, the smell of which nearly made me swoon. There was a Wendy’s next to the old laundomat I used to go to. Taco salad! I also have fond memories of getting a McDonald’s Happy Meal on my way home from class.

  • This is a bit obscure, but I remember during a cross-country drive discovering a regional chain called “Runza” – a fast food chain based entirely on Hot Pockets. I must have stopped at 6 of them on my way across Nebraska. Frackin’ amazing.

  • Christopher2… I’ve been here forever. But I’ve never been to Five Guys. That’s not true. I’ve been there. Wasn’t impressed, saw they only sell red meat for the most part there. nd I don’t eat red meat. A veggie or cheese didn’t seem interesting enough or worth the trouble or the cost. A So I immediately left and went to McDonald’s — always classic, always the right price. Perhaps I’ll give Five Guys another shot upon the recommendation of another Christopher.

  • Holding out for a Zen Burger to appear in DC. Someday…

  • In n Out…mmmm…by far the best

  • Five…..Five…..Five dollar foot looooooong!!!

  • kfc, popeyes chicken fried fried fried !!!!!

  • I think 5 Guys, Potbelly, etc., would still be considered fast food. I know one factor that defines fast food in commercial classification is food you pay for before you consume. Other factors include food that is pre-made or requires very little prep time, and food that is served in disposable containers.

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